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Hi there, interested in a nendoroid you're selling but you're inbox is full. :)
11 meses atrás
Hi! I saw you had ITEM #132596 on your wishlist and thought I'd let you know I'm selling mine here CLASSIFIED #153467 if you're at all interested. Send me a PM if you are, and no worries if not. :)
2 anos atrás
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View spoilerHide spoilerYou are the birthday star today... Happy birthday! ...xD ...xD
5 anos atrás
aww i want to buy your veneziano pillow so badly but it's still a bit too expensive for me. > v <;;
6 anos atrás
Hey Froggygirl89!

I wanted to let you know I'm selling a wishlisted figure of yours ITEM #14206 BUT he has quite some paint transfers (those can be removed with a few methods). You can PM me if you want pictures of him or more information!

~Thank you!
7 anos atrás
Hi Hetalia fan!



If you like Hetalia I'm sure you will like to participate of this forum.
There you can speak in Portuguese or English. It is really new and we are trying to recrut many Hetalia fans and I hope you can join in our forum! :3

Please, we created this forum in Feb 4th, so don't expect so many people there. That's why we are doing our
best to recrute more people! Please, consider us and make an account and join us :D
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Happy birthday!
9 anos atrás
Happy Birthday! ^^
9 anos atrás
Congratulations ^^. Enjoy this day
9 anos atrás
Ahh man.
Oh well, I might be able to get one off of ebay alone.

:V Asch is quite awesome. So is Kittan
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