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Happy Birthday!
7 meses atrás
happiest of birthdays, my dear! sending you lots of love from across the world.

7 meses atrás
Happy Birthday, have a great day! °˖✧◝(^▿^)◜✧˖°
7 meses atrás
Hey, just wanted to say, don't let the negative votes get to you. Things can be ridiculous like that on MFC. Instead of actually discussing something, people tend to just enforce their view/position by down votes. After they have done that damage, they will then discuss the person than the actual concern/topic. Stay strong! :)
10 meses atrás
cute _(」∠ 、ン、)_
hey, just letting you know your inbox is full! if you can clear it a little i'll be able to reply to you
10 meses atrás
Aww that's too nice! Thank you! You're also very friendly, nice and kind, glad I got to talk to you! ^^
11 meses atrás
WOW i came to your collection to look at the dragon dress figures and I saw Ram's Kaguyahime figure. I hope you do a review or take pics of this figure, it looks really awesome! There is not enough of Ram out there in my opinion.
11 meses atrás
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