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Wanted to leave a comment to share my experience with Jfigure. It was with the other recommendations on MFC I decided to give Jfigure a chance, and I am pleased I did. I managed to get a grail of mine for a reasonable price, cheaper than what I seen it offered on other sites. The process was smooth, ordering was simple and making the payment was easy as well. My Nana shipped from Japan and arrived to me in just a little over a week. The figure arrived in fantastic condition and was packaged safely to prevent any damage. My first time experience was completely pleasant and plan on doing business with again if I find another rare treasure!!~
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Ordered the Killua figurine from them and my experience was good!
1 mês atrás
usagikits1 mês atrás#95981789How long did you wait for your shipping invoice?
I'm currently waiting for mine...
Hey, I just recently bought a figure on JFIGURE and it took me 10 days to get my shipping invoice.
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FroppyHoppy2 meses atrás#95659200Ho, perfect! Thank you so much!
How long did you wait for your shipping invoice?
I'm currently waiting for mine...
1 mês atrás
Ho, perfect! Thank you so much!
2 meses atrás
Dose anyone know when they will send you an invoice for shipping? I purchased a used figure a few days and used DHL (to be quoted separately) and having gotten an invoice for shipping yet.
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I recently purchased Item #9438 from JFigure, the item came packaged the way I would like and shipping was quicker than expected. Customer service is ok, likely to do business with this shop again.
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I am curious where can I find the item condition rating Scale on their site
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Shop owner is a great guy! Very friendly. Bought tons of figures from him.
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An amazing seller and someone who I would do business with again! I had been wanting to buy from this seller for awhile and placed an order for ITEM #391746. This is a figure I never see come up for sale and was surprised to see they had one. The customer service was phenomenal and they were always quick to answer my emails. Given the current situation with shipping right now, JFigure worked with me to ship the figure via DHL as I live in the US. I received the figure in just 2 days and everything was packaged very nicely to insure nothing was damaged in transit.
The figure was listed as A/A on their website and looks completely brand new. Highly recommend this seller if you are looking for hard to find figures and amazing customer service!
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