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Trying to get rid of some of my lewd figures since I’ve never been able to display them and my collection is getting too large, PM me if you are interested in any of them

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Only post current dubbed shows, subbed shows would be too long of a list

Code Geass is my favorite anime, which is actually how i started collecting started with the Gawain ITEM #4965 and from there kept getting the action figures until i expanded my horizons and got my first figures on April 28th, 2013 C.C. ITEM #63124 and Kallen(still only Kallen figure :[) ITEM #63123, but didn't really get into it until May 2014
My favorite anime openings are probably To Love Ru's "Forever We Can Make It!" by Thyme and Toradora's Pre-Parade.

Haven’t been logging in for a while trying to avoid seeing too many figures, my collection has been getting way too large. I still plan to reply to comments and PMs but won’t be posting very often.



Jc210953 meses atrás#78597041Actually, I’ve never seen any of the Fate stuff other then Fate Stay Night. Something about it I didn’t like, but I’ve actually never been able to finish it, I always get to the point of the purple haired girl getting possessed, sacrificed, or whatever it was and never finish.
I think the characters are cute/cool, I just really disliked FSN so I haven’t given any of the other series a chance.

I'm responding here instead of your article since I realized that I was getting offtopic and I didn't want to be disrespectful to you nor your audience. :P

LMAO that's honestly kind of the best description anyone has ever said of their short-lived experience with the Fate franchise. I know which purple-haired girl you are talking about and my brain also tuned out around there... #relatable

If I'm being totally honest, the Fate franchise is a mess. Navigating the franchise is a mess. There are some stories/installments that are genuinely good, but the lore can be muddy to navigate when you are first getting into it.

If you're interested in El Melloi, I'd definitely recommend watching Fate/Zero first otherwise the background won't make as much sense. You don't necessarily need to watch any of the other Fate series to start El Melloi -- just Fate/Zero. Fate/Zero informs El Melloi protag's background and angst, aka the heart of the story.
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Jc210953 anos atrás#18696484Happy Birthday!!!

Thank you so much! c:
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Hi :)
I saw you leave a lot of message on eroge games for where you can buy or if english sub exist for certain eroge this is the site i use for eroge +&_(sukebei a uttorent site :( )or you can buy the game on mandarake monobeno (order.mandarake...) you ask for 2 years ago :)
if you want something about eroge just tell me i can find ! ;)
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Hi there! I PM'd you yesterday about the Lala trade, just thought I'd write a quick message here in case it was missed. If you already have trader just let me know :)
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Jc210954 anos atrás#11643987http://orig05.deviantart.net/81ae/f/2008/304/3/9/happy_birthday__l_by_yufei.jpg

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do you want to sell the second one you ordered of To LOVEru Darkness - Lala Satalin Deviluke - 1/6 - Swimsuit ver. (Alter)?
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Roboko (=^ ◡ ^=)
Jc210954 anos atrás#6615431Went to send you a PM but looks like your index is full

It's not full anymore ^w^
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You mentioned you wanted a Momiji. Here's one for pretty cheap but it's missing a couple of the accessories: www.amiami.com/....
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a lot of the racial hatred and Aryan master-race stuff was ultimately unimportant to the nazi leaders beyond the public eye (there is that joke about how the perfect Aryan is as blond as hitler,tall as Goebbels,slim as goering and as straight rohm) while they did idealize racial purity they didn't let it dictate or hold great sway over practical decisions (they did sign a non-aggression treaty with the ussr,something that shocked everyone) but above all,simply killing or removing un-desirables is not how you conduct diplomacy (hitler and the Nazis where smart enough to know atleast that)

well japan didn't attack Russia when Germany did(they were beaten by Russia in 1938 in an unofficial war), and Germany had that same choice,i think it was due to hitler being a moron that caused war between usa and Germany(edit just saw what you put about the generals hehehe,i reply by reading in blocks.....),if anyone else could have overruled him I think they would have done,the generals did try and kill him later-on for this reason anyway (operation Valkyrie,they made a film about it with tom cruise I think?)

yeah,chuchill was pro-nazi intill about 1936,so were most right-wingers and the king himself sympathised with them (they had to send the kings abdicated brother to the Caribbean due to his support of hitler even during the war,he got the queen to do the hitler salute in some photos that made it to the papaers a while ago i.dailymail.co....

the wolf packs were a problem intill convoys and the navy began to target them properly (what had stopped them before that was money and wasted resources involved in using convoys,by the end of the war U-boats had become steel coffins,almost the whole U-boat fleet had died,something like 25000 men)

I completely agree,his generals were largely very capable and clever men,with most having no allegiance to the nazi party but were bound to serve due to the military oath (trent park house was a bugged pow camp where all conversations were recorded and used for intelligence, there is a series called Tapping Hitler's Generals that is very interesting and gives good insight into what went on behind the scenes,if you are interested I'd give it a watch:)

yeah it wasn't likely thanks to all the "slavs are filth" and "lets take the land and starve them all" he said in his speeches,but if he had been a bit nicer I think it could have happened (a large number of people in Poland were german and the poles hated the Russians even more than the germans,plus they beat the Russians previously and knew Russia wanted it's land back)

I haven't either *_^,but once a patch is made (hopefully) it should be worth it,it was limited to like 150 or so,bet the after-market price will be killer *cries*

can't tell you that,spoilers,but just watch the first episode and then you'll be like "WHAT!!?"
it's okay *pats head* there there,watch some star wars and gurn lagann,always cheers me right up^_^,though irl I haven't spoken to anyone outside work in like maybe 2 years? *cries*,could try make a club ala "sos brigade" *shakes with excitement*,just need a robot alien time-travelling maid and a amnesiac goddess (I dibs kyon btw not gonna be that creep esper hehehe)

anyway(maybe switc over to pms?:)
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Exclusive anime goods from Japan!


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