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Hey! I'm Leo(n). I'm a 27 year old effeminate transgender male. I use he/him pronouns only (*´・v・)

Ive been collecting figures and merch for about 10 years now? My first Figure i obtained was Akari Kamigishi by Kotobukiya in 2007 (ITEM #1286)

I'm a full time college student. I am working on getting my PhD in psychology and a minor in art. I'd like to become an art therapist.

Types of characters I tend to gravitate toward are male characters who dress feminine since it’s how I would describe myself in real life: a boy who dresses like a girl.

I also tend to like pretty boys in general. (Catch me falling for any male character that has long black hair in a ponytail as an example)

Some things I like:
• Love Live (Honoka, Nozomi + Yoshiko, Riko)
• Idolm@ster (Specifically, Cinderella Girls)
• FATE series (absolutely love Astolfo, Enkidu, Merlin)
• Tales of series
• Persona
• Fire Emblem
• Touhou
• Vocaloid (Hatsune Miku, Gumi, IA, VY2)
• Marvel Comics
• Kirby!

About ~95% of my belongings are still in moving boxes from my move in 2016...so I'm still adding things as I remember them. My collection on this site isn't entirely accurate because of what hasn't been added yet ;u; (still stings to think about that I haven't seen the vast majority of my figures in 2 years)

I'm mentally ill and avoidant a lot of the time so sometimes PMs make me anxious but I would love to talk and become friends with anyone. TwT Thank you for being patient with me.

Thanks for coming by!
Otome, Visual Novels, Rhythm Mobage, JRPG
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BLACK HAIR, Silver Hair, Pretty Boys, Androgynous, Twintails, Megane
Vocaloid, Idols, Touhou Covers/Arranges, Jpop, Video Game BGM
Samsung Galaxy S8
MacBook Air


Happy Birthday!
1 dia atrás
Happy Birthday!

1 dia atrás
Thank you for the friend request! :) You have a really lovely collection - especially your Astolfos!
17 dias atrás
2 meses atrás
Milady-Alluca Obnoxiously Wordy
Cast many nets of tentative requests in whatever USA thread you see and maybe you'll get lucky ;w;
Worst case scenario if you really want it you could consider getting the Vol.2 set yourself and selling off the other characters later - luckily the Vol.2 characters are all pretty popular...just not AS popular as Astolfo xD
Group Orders can be very fun and useful! If you have questions feel free to ask me if you'd like (or of course the group admins!)
6 meses atrás
Milady-Alluca Obnoxiously Wordy
Hi Kamikakushi!
First off so nice to meet a fellow Astolfo fan, it's nice to see him bring happiness to others :D
As for my Group Order, I would just like to let you know if you need to try and get into other GOs to try for a slot at Astolfo I definitely understand and would recommend it.

If the other two in my GO confirm for him ahead of you the only chance of you getting him would be if he were a random extra in the Vol.2 boxes :c
I wouldn't want you to miss out on getting a cute Astolfo figure so I just wanted to tip you off to keep an eye out for any other splits that open for Vol.2 so you have the best odds at getting him ;w;
6 meses atrás
Nice collection
8 meses atrás
Thanks for the friend request~! :3
Nice to meet you!
8 meses atrás
Hey, thank you for the FR!
11 meses atrás
A little late but Happy Brithday! :>
1 ano atrás
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