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I bought an Izuna Figure from this seller and she came quickly and in perfect condition. The transaction was friendly and straight forward ^^
11 dias atrás
I recently brought Tohru swimsuit version and it came in good condition and the seller had great communication. I would 100% buy from this person again.
15 dias atrás
Ah, all right. Thank you!
16 dias atrás
Dang... Just curious, how much was it listed for?
16 dias atrás
Did you already sell your Fate Chloe von Einzbern 1/8 - The Beast Ver. (Broccoli)?
16 dias atrás
i bought Shiro and 10/10! great communication and very fast shipping! absolutely loved the experience! thank you so much again!
20 dias atrás
I bought a Milim nendoroid and it arrived in perfect condition. I can't wait to open it and kiss it every night before I go to bed :O
24 dias atrás
The seller was fantastic. They had great communication, answered my questions, and sent me the tracking number unprompted. They even checked in on delivery to make sure everything was ok. I would happily buy from them again.
25 dias atrás
Thanks for buying! A pleasure to work with!
26 dias atrás
Seller was awesome, he answer questions quickly and shipped the item super fast. Will buy again!
1 mês atrás