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Hello, I know that they exist and I see them at local events on regular bases but never bought from them. Honestly I stopped buying at European reseller a long time ago and just do pre-orders all the time. Way cheaper and faster to get your figures. And If I couldn't catch it while it was open for pre-order, well, I'm out of luck or will try to get it "use" but sadly imagine how a used market looks like if everyone in town is paying 30-50% above the regular price since they ordered it from local resellers. Bingo!

It's kinda sad since most of the people that run those reselling companys are quite nice persons but I'm also not an enemy of my own money. So go figure!

If you are asking if OH is legit I really can't tell you - especialy if you want to order from them online.

But if they have a figure you want and you tempted to buy, just do it. You know it's a company after all and therefore, if ordered online, EU law will have you covered and you can send it back/get your money back if the deal dosen't work in your favor.

Sorry for the wall of text - hope it was helpful.
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Well how can we talk since your inbox is full
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I'm back from my trip!
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