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Too Many Good MIKUS HELP!
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Hi, I'm LMC! I started collecting in the summer of 2018 and still enjoy the hobby. I try to keep my collection small but filled with beautiful and cute figures of my favorite characters!

Please see the list "Selling" and feel free to contact me with any inquiries, thanks!

Profile picture was commissioned from the wonderful artist kozidraws on twitter- twitter.com/koz...



Quick and friendly communication. Figure arrived quickly and in good condition. 10/10. She even threw in a free acrylic stand. <3
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Thank you LMC!! XD
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Belated happy birthday to you!!
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This is really late but thank you! :D
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Happy late Birthday!
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lunarlemons Dazai’s wife ♡˖⁺

Happiest birthday!! i hope you have a wonderful day.
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Wishing you the happiest birthday! I hope you have an amazing day.
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Same to you birthday twin! Happy birthday!!
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Happy birthday!!
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Happy Birthday! :) Have a great day
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