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New to collecting, and currently into acquiring merchandise for (certain) Persona series games. Persona 4 Arena is my favourite in the series, so expect a bias towards that.

I also enjoy adding (mostly Persona) merch to the database - the weirder the better! There's a lot of Persona merch missing from the database, and a lot of it will probably stay missing due to a severe lack of documentation, but I'd still like to reduce the amount as much as I can. If there's any official Persona (or Dx2) stuff you'd like added, just leave a comment and I'll see if I can get around to it. Otherwise, I'll be burning through my backlog:
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- P5T (ongoing)
- Persona Music Box 2014

Up Next:
- P4U2 x Pasela Resorts
- Persona Super Live 2015
- (Etc.)

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I love them too :3
You can find more of them below!

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Persona Q2: New Cinema Labyrinth - Shujinkou - Mochi Kororin - Persona Q2 New Cinema Labyrinth Mochi Kororin Vol.1 (Chugai Mining)Persona Q2: New Cinema Labyrinth - Josei Shujinkou - Mochi Kororin - Persona Q2 New Cinema Labyrinth Mochi Kororin Vol.2 (Chugai Mining)


Its okay!! Sorry to be the bearer of bad news. I didnt want you to get reported in the future and have to fix even more entries.

Its perfectly fine to use a translator to get the romaji for any japanese text. If theres any "ō" or "ū" it should be okay to write it down as a "ou" and "uu" (just in case if you seen it). I'm still learning on what to do in regards with the database, and im still making small mistakes...

Anyways thank you so much for your efforts!
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Sorry homie but most of your books that you added arent 100% inline with the DB guidelines (the info is inputted incorrectly).

E.g.:ITEM #1973462
Title: Persona 3 4Koma KINGS -> needs to be removed. DB rules have it so that titles do not include the source material's name in the title. I believe the 4Koma KINGS part can be removed since its listed under the classification. So no title is needed in this case.

Borrowed words can be translated e.g. ファンブック as Fan Book. But for non borrowed words it has to be romanised as is e.g. 真 as Shin. Same rules can be applied when its a mixture of borrowed and native words e.g. ファン本 as Fan Hon
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thank YOU for your help!!
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Whoof, sorry this took so long. Busy few days. Anyway unfortunately the listings I purchased these items from no longer exist? Or I'm just really bad at finding them again... I managed to find the items I was referring to elsewhere though. The tarot pouch is from P5A and I found record of it here on hobbysearch and as for the other pouch... I've found mention of it in a persona central article (with photos!) but no listings... at least I found out the site I was thinking of was Amiami lol.
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thank you!! my jokers are my pride and joy <3

As for missing merch, I'll have to comb through my undisplayed collection again, but off the top of my head I've recently ordered a black tote bag with a morgana print on it that I haven't been able to find on mfc. Once it arrives I'd be happy to share photos. Two of my other recent orders are also not listed; a leather case with a p5 decal that was part of a pre order bonus for the original p5 (off of what site I'm not sure. I think it started with an A?) and then a large pouch with a patterning made up of the tarot card designs. Oh, and a morgana themed pouch from a namja town collab! Sorry that this is kind of vague; if I knew more about these items I'd say so ^^; I can supply some images of them all when I'm home from work.
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Of course !! They're honestly some of my favourite pieces of merch Atlus has released, so so cute
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Brilliant work!

I think... thats it!

Thank you very much!

The only other thing that I can think of right now is how the 20th anniversary is missing some entries in the database. I think some FES goods are missing + some collaboration coasters (p-ch.jp/20thfes... + p-ch.jp/news/80... if youre interested). If you dont wanna add them, i'll try to add them sometime by the end of the week.

Thanks once again.

Have fun adding more miscellaneous persona goods!
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Thank you so so much for adding such a large chunk of the p25th merchandise! It's so great to see stuff getting properly documented, I really appreciate it and I'm sure a lot of other Persona collectors do too!! ^_^
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omg I can't thank you enough for adding the p25th merch... it's not a large portion of my collection but it certainly takes a bite outta my mass of items not yet put on this site. persona has so much undocumented merch...
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I woke up and saw all the new entries you added since then, good job!! You work so fast omg. it takes me years to add things in.

Oh and thanks for you comment about my collection! I do love it very much although im thinking about slimming it down a bit.

Anyways did some looking around.

Namja town: bromides with purchase of food items web.archive.org...
Prize C from lottery stickers web.archive.org...
PSW2022: a lot of little items are missing from main sales + lottery as well (prize 3-4?)
I think theres also a cd/bluray thats being released as well p-ch.jp/p-wish2...
Theres also the face mask gift with purchase but i dont know if it qualifies to be added to the database since its a single use item..? Tbh i didnt check the guidelines.
Store Atlus: i believe no one has entered the second wave of store atlus western goods web.archive.org...
I dont think the persona 25th x seria has a entry here, and only the acrylic stands are listed afaik. p-ch.jp/news/82...
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