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Dear LittlePisces,

Today is going to be a good day and here's why. Because today, at least you're you, and that's enough.

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GollyGeeItsBoo SHSL Saniwa
Oh no! I'm sorry that you might get laid off. But maybe it's a good thing so you can really think about what you want to do! Sometimes you just need a break to wrap your head around everything.

You're welcome! I hope everything is going well (:
2 dias atrás
Sorry for the late reply; I haven't been active on MFC for quite sometime >.>

And it's alright; it's always difficult to figure out what you want to be when you're older and it's very daunting to think about...

... But just know no matter what, it's never too late to change goals and dreams even when you're older.
7 dias atrás
Hi again, I've been super busy trying to work from home and taking care of my health which is why I haven't been on MFC much. Hope you've been safe too. ^^
9 dias atrás
GollyGeeItsBoo SHSL Saniwa
Don't be sorry! I don't mind at all!

I understand that completely. I had no idea what I wanted to do out of high school. Then in college I changed my major maybe 5 times? And then in the end graduated with a degree that I don't care about and don't care to use. I got a job doing something I liked as a hobby, and stayed with it for 4 years. I grew to not love it as much as work compared to a hobby and recently left and am now in a design bootcamp. I always loved art but was afraid to go into that field, and didn't know exactly where I fit in the art community. It took a lot of time, self reflection, and research to find my direction.

Its hard to decide what you want to do. And even when you do decide you might change your mind later because you fall out of love with it or it is not what you expected it to be. And that's even more difficult when your parents aren't on board with what you want to do. I was always afraid of disappointing my mum with switching degrees. But she started to understand when I actually explained things to her. And told her I had another plan, even if that plan changed later. Maybe it would be good to sit down and have a really tough conversation with your mum about where you want to be. She might understand a little more than you think.

As for your job, is it possible to cut back on your hours? Do you have the option to leave work for a while if you needed to? Can you find the time to take short classes here and there while still working? And don't let someone else's experience deter you from what you really want to do. There are so many different routes that you can take, you do not always have to aim for top animation companies, just look for experiences and places that will make you the most comfortable!

I hope that helped, even a little bit. I know how scary and stressful these things can be!
11 dias atrás
I'm not sure what's going on but I just wanna tell you to not give up!
11 dias atrás
Oh it was no problem! I did think they were a bit too harsh on the character too for no reason. I mean she's a main character in the movies so making her first makes sense. I can't wait too see what she looks like! I bet she'll be a cutie.

Cinnamonroll is adorable indeed!I like his merch a lot! ꒰´꒳`∗꒱
(Btw do you know how long it took me to realize he's a dog? I thought he was a rabbit xD)
27 dias atrás
Thank you so much! I love jewelpet tinkle too, there's just something so loveable about it :) And it's so nice to meet another kemono friends fan too! There aren't so many so it's always nice to see someone else who likes it as well.
Also I lurked on your profile for a bit and just wanted to say your suzu gk is so cute!
1 mês atrás
Hi there, thanks for lurking on my page I guess XD
I love Yoshi's Island and I'm glad I rekindled some fond memories of it for you :D
It was my first (and favourite) game for GBA as well. I never fully finished the game though - I still have yet to beat the secret levels. I've been meaning to do that one day, maybe I should do it soon? Thanks for the inspo to do that, haha

Unrelated sidenote, I am really jealous of the fact you own Myethos' Little Mermaid figure. She is so beautiful!!
1 mês atrás
If you aren't going to sell the figure NIB and are going to keep it, I totally think it's OK to open it up and examine it. Personally I don't think it hurts to do that just to see what the figure is like anyhow. If you're worried about the heat, maybe store it somewhere where it is a little cooler and darker, like a closet, if possible.

And yes! My best friend and I want to plan a trip together. She went with her boyfriend last year and said she loved it even though she is definitely not into anime or anything. They want to go with me and one of his friends ... maybe they'll set me up with him and I'll have a whirlwind romance of my dreams XD
1 mês atrás
Thank you for requesting!! <3
1 mês atrás
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