• Tanjoubi omedetou! (happy birthday!) It's nice to see an eva fan!
    6 anos atrás
    Maestro7 anos atrás#1269574Haven't talked much recently, but hope you're doing well - happy birthday and happy holidays! :)
    Yeah, that's right! Feel free sending me pm when you wish! Will be glad to reply! Thanks!
    7 anos atrás
    Maestro7 anos atrás#1132669Hi :) Thanks for noticing my avatar - I wish I could say I took it myself but it's from a japanese figure photographer blog ( figuephoto2.blo... ) of ITEM #42522 . I wanted this kit to get more exposure; 3 owned and 21 wished is just too sad for this great figure, given it's made by the same sculptors that did the popular Saber Maid figures, so I'm really glad you noticed it!

    Glad to hear you also like Layton and Ace Attorney - I've also watched the trailers for the crossover game, but last I heard there's no plans for an english release yet... So frustrating! Did you know that the creator of Professor Layton once said in an interview that he based Layton's character on Phoenix Wright, but changed what he considered to be some flaws in his character?

    I had no idea they were considering making a film from A Song of Ice and Fire - could you mean the HBO TV series? In that case, I'm a huge fan :D :D :D Even took a sick day to watch the season 2 premiere with friends. The first season was awesome, and with the exception of the season 2 finale that felt a little off, the second was great as well. Anxiously awaiting for season 3 to start.

    Wow, the photos on the blog are amazing, I wished I could take photos like that but I have no camera at the moment. But I want to buy one someday but not so soon since I'm spending so much money on manga and figures currently. I try to buy most manga series complete and often second-hand to save money. I already own more than 1500. Sometimes I even find people who are comping them and I only have to pay shipping.

    I'm writing manga reviews for a German manga % anime online forum but the site is down at the moment since it was hacked a few months ago.

    I mean the TV series. I only watched the first season up to now. I'm waiting for a German release of the second season. I read the first book or better said the first half of the first book since German publishers make two books out of one. So the first German volumes ends with king Robert and Ned still alive. But I know more about the story because I read many things online on a The Song of Ice and Fire wiki. So you probably can't spoiler me.

    Did you know that there is a comic about the story too?

    A film of the story for the cinema would probably awful. Just look what happened to Harry Potter from part 2 on. So many cuts and changes away from the story. The TV series is great enough and well-down. I love the actors. They are all perfect. When I saw Eddard in the trailer I thought: Boromir is back ^.^ Did you know that the actor of Eddard is playing in the Silent Hill Movie too?

    I didn't know anything about that interview, I still hope for an Europe release of the game. I love Layton and Phoenix. Did you already play Ace Attorney Apollo Justice? I missed Edgeworth.
    7 anos atrás
    Nice avatar. Did you take the photo yourself?
    I started 2010 collecting figures too but in the summer and I also love Ace Attorney and Professor Layton but haven't played each game of the series yet. I was so happy when I heard that there will be a cross over game of the two series.
    What to you think of the film adaption of The Song of Ice anf Fire?
    7 anos atrás
    Maestro8 anos atrás#1073860Absolutely :) NGE was the first anime I watched that had a lasting impact on me - some people consider it overhyped and dislike it because it's popular and is rough around the edges, but it's a series I find myself coming back to over and over. Really looking forward to the third movie! And it's refreshing to find someone that doesn't hate Shinji, haha XD

    Oh, that's good. I don't know why so many humans hate NGE, I love it. And I love Shinji, he's the best boy in the world!!!! XD
    8 anos atrás
    Oh, lovely collection! Are you too NGE- Rei- and Asuka-fan? XD
    8 anos atrás
    Thank you for the friend request and your kind words.
    I'm glad to find a fellow Homo sapiens who appreciate the contributions of those 2 legends :D
    8 anos atrás
    drowranger ☆keelerleah☆
    Thanks very much for the friend request, it's always great to meet another fellow Canadian figure collector!

    You've got a lovely collection as well! :)
    8 anos atrás
    Happy birthday! ^__^ (Yaaay you like Orson Scott Card!)
    9 anos atrás
    Happy Bday! ^^
    9 anos atrás
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