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First things first, I'd like to take this moment to apologize to my mom for being such a Degenerate. Now then...

https://static.myfigurecollection.net/upload/pictures/2021/01/14/2606378.jpeg (Literal THICC Connoisseur) Disclaimer: Bio not to be taken seriously and is all a joke. Said bio also contains cringe so please read at your own discretion.

I am a Man of Culture, but you may call me by my IRL nickname Mayuko. As a "Man of Culture" I bring a message that every cultured man, woman, and child (hopefully not) on this board can understand. "All Anime Women are queens!" Well not really, but the majority of them are and I know what some would think upon hearing such a bold declaration. "Simp!!!"

While true, the passage in the Holy Thighible directly behind the passage of "all anime woman are queens", reads as; "Thou shall not simp, but if thou must simp then simp responsibly" and responsibly I shall for as a Man of Culture; I do have standards.

Loli's and Tsundere's... gonna be a nah from me and if you are an advocate of such things than I must regrettably inform you that you have trash taste. That's ok though for I also have trash taste as well as every fellow anime fan around the world. You are not alone, though God (and your parents) may look upon you with judgement for your degenerate lewd fantasies, rest assured that I as a fellow cultured individual stand right beside you. All are welcome and like a wise man once said "One man's trash is another man's treasure." Meaning that even in a trash pile one can still find a hidden gem even if said trash pile contains Loli's and Tsundere's.

Loli Lovers: Hestia from "Is It Wrong to Pick Up Girls In a Dungeon" is technically classified as a Loli so let me simply say "bravo!"

Tsundere Appreciators: You have the classic bob-cut icon Android 18 from DBZ proudly holding up your banner. A job well done and congratulations.

Every Anime Queen has something to appreciate about them, but as a Man of Culture and Disciple of the Holy Thighible; I mostly subscribe to one train of logic. That being The THICC. THICC Thighs, Big Bonkahonkadongaroos, and Curves, but not ridiculously so as too much THICC (Gasp) can be a bad thing for this cultured man.

I started my journey in collecting back in June 21, 2020 when I ordered a SKYTUBE Togetsu Matsuri version 2 figure on sale without knowing exactly what I was getting into. Upon opening the box, imagine my surprise at the sheer debauchery contained within. While initially mortified and kind of embarrassed, that moment gave birth to the dawning of a new age. The age of THICC! After that I continued amassing a collection of mostly Cast-Off THICC Queens and have found some amazing artists such as Kekemotsu and Misaki Kurehito, but one artist stands above them all.

Mataro! Who is daddy... I-I mean god, yeah. If the Man of Culture was a believer in the divine than Mataro is he who once said "Let there be THICC" and thus THICC there was. Though I do simp responsibly and don't aim for every single one of his works... or rather HER works as its come to my attention that “Mataro the God” may actually be “Mataro the Goddess”. Does this mean best girl was with us all along?

I also plan to write articles if I ever find the inner strength or motivation to do it, but I ain’t gonna lie... it’s hard chief. Articles on what? Good question, I thought reviews at first, but those are a dime-a-dozen. Whatever I end up writing, you know it will be THICC regardless of its content.

Now I am also a man of class (and culture) so I don't typically display my Cast-Off figures (Gasp) Cast-Off. A queen should remain dignified after all, but the option being there to do that, it feels nice ya know? Like you gotta tease me? We both know what's under there. I bet you shower naked too you slu- Queen! I meant queen, yeah so any super duper lewd figures that can't be covered up creatively are gonna be a pass from me. The hardest choices require the strongest wills after all.

So with all that said, I leave with one final message.



Same man, been busy with work. Finally off until Saturday tho! Happy late Thanksgiving to you as well! I do celebrate it, and it was pretty chill XD How was yours?

I know, I know, I'm a horrible club owner XD

Holy crap I knew it was long, but I didn't know it would be Persona length! Dude I bet, I'm honestly thinking about watching the fight just to see how it looks XD I don't think I will since I want to play it, but it's tempting ;-;

Yeah, it's pretty sweet, I love wholesome anime, and Spy X Family is probably my favorite XD Yor is just *chef's kiss* But dang Loid is up there too XD

Hey thanks man I appreciate it! Having a job means I can finally buy a bunch of figures I've been wanting for a while, especially ones I wanted since I was a much younger kid! (Not like Thomas and Elmo age, but like Sonic and Mario age XD)

I feel that, being in a house with eleven people I can't exactly upgrade to a bigger room, but having my own room after 15 years is pretty epic. I got space for all my stuff now rather than having to put it all in my desk and closet, and having my own TV where I can play whatever I want whenever I want is pretty nice. It's not 4K or 50 inch, but it's nice enough XD Here's my TV display:


Yep, for some reason I've been super into retro consoles, so I have a Classic NES, GameCube, and Wii in my room, along with a PS4 XD I originally got a GameCube to play Wind Waker, but I don't really want a Wii U, though I'll probably get one for some other games I want. However, I found the controls really nice, so I decided to get a few other games, namely the Sonic 7-1 collection. Easily my favorite way to play the Classic Sonic games now! Also the Chicken Little game is unironically super fun XD

Oh super into Sonic. Been into it ever since I was 6, however, with Sonic Frontiers coming out and getting the Super Sonic Ending in Sonic Adventure after 8 years, I've been getting more and more into it. I've beaten all the classic games, Sonic Adventure 1 and 2, Sonic Heroes, Sonic and SEGA All Stars Racing, Sonic Mania, Sonic Colors, and Sonic Forces so far! Oh and the Freeriders game on the Xbox, but that game sucked for the most part XD Sonic Heroes is a pretty good one for sure though. I haven't played Frontiers yet myself, but some people are saying it's even the best Sonic game to date right now! From what I have seen, though, it definitely looks a lot smoother, there's an actual combat system with a skill tree and everything, and it's got a more serious tone for a Sonic game. Not to mention, SUPER SONIC FIGHTS LOOK AMAZING!

Haha yeah. I've only ever been to one other small one, but it was pretty fun! This one's bigger with more guests and things to do, so it should be pretty sweet! Thanks man, I'll keep you in my thought while I'm there XD

Oh yeah! From what I've seen of The Callisto Protocall, it almost looks like a more story-driven Doom game! I'm super excited for that one. WAIT WHAT?! They're doing a Dead Space Remake?! How did I miss that! That'll be so cool! Same with Silent Hill. I'm definitely gonna play that with my Dad, he's a huge Silent Hill fan. Same with RE4. he's never played 4, but he loves RE, so that'll be a treat for sure XD I would love for a Evil Within 3, but it might be a while ;-; They were working on Ghostwire, so it probably won't happen for a least a few years :'(
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It seriously has, I just looked and it's been 7 months since we've last talked! Eh, it's pretty dead, one of my other friends has been keeping it alive recently though XD Seriously, I forgot it was even a thing until you brought it up haha

Oh congratulations! Always a good feeling when something like that gets done! Sick dude, how was Ragnarok? I've been meaning to play it, but I haven't gotten around to it yet XD YOOO I SAW THAT!!! I"M SUPER PUMPED. Same with Silent Hill, never saw that one coming! Aye congrats man! Are they the ones you said were delayed last time we talked?

Oh nice! What do you think of Spy X Family so far? AND SEASON 3 CAME OUT?! I JUST FINISHED SEASON 2 ;-;

Oh nothing much, I guess I'll go down the list like you did haha

Boring stuff first,my uncle is now living with us so we pretty much aren't able to go downstairs anymore because he and my cousin (who had to move in with him) are always down there either fighting or working on school, so that's pretty sweet XD A few actual cool things now. I FINALLY GOT MY OWN ROOM AND A JOB!!! I've finally been able to buy figures I've been wanting for a while, and it feels pretty cool to be able to put them up without worrying to much about space!

Gaming wise, I recently got a GameCube, so I've been playing Wind Waker like crazy! Beat it once already, going through my second play through now! Also got WAAAY back into Sonic. Got the 7-1 collection for the GameCube, so I've been playing that like crazy too. Before that, though, I did 100% playthroughs on Sonic Adventure 1-2, Sonic Colors, and Sonic and SEGA All Stars Racing XD Super excited to finally be able to play Sonic Frontiers! Just waiting till it goes on sale, though. I can't justify $60 on a game that just came out till I hear enough good reviews, idk why I do that though. I already know it's gonna be hype af seeing Super Sonic again XD

Figure wise, it's been going steady still, recently got a TOOON of Sonic figures. Decided to fulfill my childhood dream and actually start buying some, and I'm super happy I decided to! it even propelled me to get back into Sonic again, as you could probably tell from my previous statement XD Anyway, I'm gonna have to stop until after the first few weeks of January. I'm going to SacAnime and I gotta get my Death Note signed by the original VAs!

Anime wise, I've been slowing down somewhat recently. Just been watching some ones coming out, like Chainsaw Man, Spy X Family, My Hero Academia, and, of course, Bleach. (My favorite one this season btw) Denji is my boi tho XD
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Hey how's it goin man! Been a while, I was just reading through my old article, saw some of your comments, and realized it's been a while XD Anyway, what's new?
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Yooo did you see this?! www.reddit.com/...

Man, that's so cool. Of course Japan has ads like this in plain sight xD (they did cover up Anis a bit though, Oscar won't approve LOL)

Also some nice Folkwang fan art: gyazo.com/82c81...
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P.S. We gaming chief, I bet no one else can pull this off given the power lvl difference and penalties: gyazo.com/dc61f... (Scarlet = Lightning type which ch2 hard is weak to, otherwise it'd be impossible. Now it's 0.01% possible xD)

Edit: Bro idk if any boss fight can get more hyped than this View spoilerHide spoilerhttps://i.gyazo.com/2ea3f61b7d7f101b52609448c6e05269.gif

Few seconds to go before timeout, boss is right in your face, you need to hit those hitboxes constantly while they're moving around, any miss = you die (doing it underpowered). Man, heart is still racing xD I won't spoil which boss it was but what's your fav boss fight so far?
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Yeah but what kind of money though lmao, I can't actively spend anything major so it's all limited to 'smart spending' aka with the remaining credit I had on my Itunes account from long ago. The most important thing was pull luck early on, combined with my experience in this model of gacha game and checking the cash shop I knew exactly what the best value for money would be. Which is the daily data pack (320 gems and 30 1hour blue data thingies box which you need for lvl up, costs $6).

By rushing campaign, which I was able to do thanks to pull luck (early game = where 1 super lvled up high tier dps girl like Scarlet can make up for the 25% stat / dmg increase penalty esp paired w Liter), I lvled up outpost fast. Those data packs you open give quantity depending on what your outpost lvl is, if you didn't know. Then I just spent the free creds on pulls whenever I got enough for another 10. So again pull luck matters, but it still needs a good grasp on the 'business' model and how you can optimize progress. The pic I wanted to show you of my 10 pull which you didn't wanna see would explain a lot btw xD

Anyway, data thingies are the bottleneck for lvling up as you get more money currency to spend on lvling up girls instead by not spending it on academy @outpost past chapter 5, hence they are the most valuable in terms of overall power level progress. RNG progress (depending on buffs you get) on simulation room mode also matters as those rewards give data + skillpoint lvlups. I put in the hours for this chief, so it's partly hard work as well. Result = I can now infinitely snowball my progress faster than p much anyone because of idle outpost resource gains per hour (my outpost lvl is 42 lmao, which starts giving stat boost resources at this point also)

To remove some1 from friends: click "edit list" then click on whoever you wanna delete n delete em.

New tier list also dropped, again Noise being top tier on it (privaty ass well): cdn.discordapp....
24 dias atrás
Updated tier list based on the tryhard side of the world btw: cdn.discordapp....

See how Noise and Pepper are T1 and Exia right under there? And Privaty tier 1 / Brid T2 for DPS? Not gonna lie chief, but you've been far from unlucky with pulls compared to what other people have been getting :P especially with an absolute queen tier unit (looks wise also) like Noise

Also if you thought that Liter or Scarlet somehow mean you can progress way further, nope because JP players figured out that there's a 25% stat penalty PLUS 25% more damage taken when you're so much as 1 power below the 'recommended power level' of a stage. Meaning they are just as useless as any other unit if they get 1 shot before being able to full burst twice in a stage, which is impossible to do thanks to those penalties related to power. I got to a stage on hard mode with 5k power difference and got 1 shot by simply having my units poke their head out from cover lmao (and you need to do that in order to atk, because burst meter only goes up through attacking)

In other words, it's way more important to do whatever you can to raise team power stat to the highest it can be at all times.
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Bro did you see some of these questions & selectable answers on the survey xD!! I just had to screenie and show this one to you LMAO: gyazo.com/88ebd...

Also my union is too freaking hot, look it basically maxed on applicants within 6 hours -_-

24 dias atrás
Ok chief, some good news for you:


And I picked up on a scoop, upcoming Xmas new unit got leaked (not an official announcement but datamined hence scoop):


Finally maybe the best news of all, new chara specific banners will have pity system, so nothing like that weaksauce 50/50 chance shit from Genshin but 100% to get the banner SSR. SO if you like that upcoming new SSR, start saving up to get her guaranteed
25 dias atrás
I made a union btw, looks like there's no chat in-game yet (which is something I expect to be there when there's multiplayer, but gonna assume they'll add it along with the announced PvP once people train their accounts up)

The Union ID is 1193, and has quite an interesting name xD (8 characters was the max for the union name so I made the most of it). You can find it by checking the right side of main screen (lobby) once you hit acc level 10. Side note: my friends list is full so I'll need the ID's from the rest of you guys in order to add.
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