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  • Yeah,good to know that or we're not stuck with that super expensive vintage Chibita doll (last saw one of these for 5000 JPY as auction).

    Elsewhere I saw prize fig Chibita selling around from 1100 to 2222 JPY on Mercari alone.
    14 dias atrás
    Hello, fellow Deku fan!

    Just saw in your wishlist a Chibita figure and I found him on Yahoo as an auction (500 JPY) and instant buy (1000 JPY).
    14 dias atrás
    Thank you!! ^^
    1 mês atrás
    Thank you for the birthday wish! :D
    2 meses atrás
    thank youu!!
    8 meses atrás
    happy birthday!! :D
    8 meses atrás
    Happy Birthday! (^-^)
    8 meses atrás
    Hopefully I'm not too late, happy birthday!
    8 meses atrás
    Have a wonderful birthday! :D
    8 meses atrás
    Congrats on getting the hero academia nendoroids~
    1 ano atrás
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