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Not sure how exactly I ended up here. Perhaps it was because all the cartoons I liked as a kid were Japanese in origin. Transformers, Thunderbirds 2086 (Technovoyager) and Battle of the Planets were the biggest hits for me, but only one of them ever had toys I could get my hands on.

A late night some years later googling a Transformer called Jetfire (not listed on this board) that was my favourite christmas present ever, led to the discovery that the design was originally the VF-1 Valkyrie from Macross. Cue desperate efforts to locate and watch every available episode. Strangely I already owned the the Macross Plus boxset but never felt the need to explore further.

My first trip to Japan was punctuated by attempts to locate a YF-19 but came up short. My last trip to Japan (8 years later) was filled with joy on many levels but amongst them was the ordering of ITEM #160795. My life should have been complete!
However somewhere along the line it seems I've become slightly obsessed with collecting figures too. That began with Charlotte Dunois and Ranka Lee and is now well out of control!

So be it. Needless to say I was delighted to find this site.
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