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Hi guys, it been about six years since I started this awesome hobby of mine. Collecting is starting to grow on me more and more everyday now since I'm getting more serious about this hobby but that is what I love about it ^_^ Also, my all time favorites anime are One Piece, FMA Brotherhood and Code Geass! Feel free to leave any comments.


Anime in general!
Catherine, Final Fantasy 13, Borederlands
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Yeah for me hearing that there will be another Elder Scrolls / Skyrim, another Borderlands, another Fallout, Devil May Cry 5 being officially announced, Cyberpunk 2077 showing up at E3 finally (as how can I not be interested in a CD Projekt Red title after how much I love Witcher 3??), and hearing they are making a follow-up to Beyond Good and Evil (I played the first one YEARS ago...it was soo much fun!!)...I mean that's just a lot to be excited about.

Then there's Death Stranding, which looks trippy as hell so that title is curious.....lots of good stuff upcoming!!! ...and I feel like I'm missing one I was really stoked about too, LOL!
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Yeah I went and watched the preview for it after you mentioned it...looks very interesting!!! I got that Witcher vibe as well. It just makes me sad its only on PS4, as my preference is to play on PC. :( Not a deal breaker though, as I have a PS4...LOL, just like being able to mod and max those graphics out!!! :D

There was a LOT of good stuff from E3...I think this is the most stuff I've been really interested in at one E3. :D
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My better half played the Last of Us, but I never did....may have to give it a go, I heard good things about it. I have no clue about the ghost one you mentioned...will have to go look it up. I'm currently playing Vampyr and loving it....it surpassed my expectations (no Witcher 3, but is pretty dang good).

I LOVED Borderlands 1 and 2....the pre-sequel or whatever I didn't really care for though.
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:D Hello!!! Thanks for the FR!!! I like your avatar!! :D

Btw....I heard there is a new Fallout and Borderlands coming out. :D Saw you shared those likes same as me, so wanted to share that news just in case you were not aware! :D
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Happy belated birthday! I hope life's going well for you!
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Happy Birthday!
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MrTCJ22 (1 ano atrás) #19047655I couldn't resist how she looks with that wedding dress and dynamic pose. But it crazy how much the exclusive are for just including the rings. I see that you have Poison on PO, I want to get that but I'm already have a lot in hand to pay for :/Ya sure do! $1k+ Harley Quinn!
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Haha I was looking at that Sonico too. If only she didn't have a loli face I may have PO'd that :/
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MrTCJ22 (1 ano atrás) #15772472Happy Birthday Kasake, I hope you a great one!
Thanks! :)
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I think you had your birthday recently, so Happy Belated Birthday! I hope you had a wonderful time. :)
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