fuck therapy what if i blew all my money on anime shit instead
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stuff i'd commit mass genocide for13

ordered (paid)22

ordered (not paid)47


i saw that you also headcannon cherry from words bubble up as autistic!! i made a whole post about it in the thread since i saw he wasn't on the group but then saw your post, don't know why he wasn't added sooner :(

anyway yeah, great taste in headcannons!! would u wanna frq?
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Happy birthday!!!!
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Bwuniko Angel
Happy birthday!!!
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Happy birthday!! Have a great one :D
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happy birthday!
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maniac otaking
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Oh my gosh, I forgot I even asked! Thank you so much! I really appreciate you for helping me!
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hewwo~ I saw you ordered the Morgana plush pochette and I was wondering if you could show me how big the inside would be when you get it? If thats okay? ^^ No worries if you dont feel comfortable about this!
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