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~♫Welcome to the family!!!!♫~


I love collecting things! I especially like to keep them in proper condition, but outside of the box? that is quite a challenge, I have noticed the consequences of that, sometimes its good to be sure you have a secure area for your figures before taking them out. When one of my figures breaks its very upsetting, more-so if it's one I've had for a while.

I write this when I just fixed my Rena Angel Mort figure, she is very special to me and I hope she will be ok.
However, I realized that Rena, despite her injury, looks the same as she was when I bought her, she still smiles happily being displayed on my table, so I guess if she is still the same old Rena, the flaw itself is not so major, (and I don't plan to sell her anytime soon either).

It really sucks being a collector with a bit of OCD also.

I love my figures I love my toys and I love my collections, they are my little friends that make me smile. :)



Hi, I cleared my inbox but now yours is full, haha. The Fuu figma is still available!
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Your inbox is full
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NekoAleu Cat Girl
3 meses atrás
NekoAleu Cat Girl
Happy belated birthday!
3 meses atrás
NekoAleu Cat Girl
You did see the new Rika announced yesterday? She's so cute but it's like $250 for her with the first DVD or blu-ray for the new series. Like 4 episodes. Ridiculous. I'm more interested in Rena but this Rika has kitty ears. :( I can't justify spending a shitload more right now lol
10 meses atrás
NekoAleu Cat Girl
Yeah, they're very hard to get. There's only two in existence and they were made to order in 2007. Elfen Lied wasn't very popular in Japan. I paid $1000 for them with the extra parts. I'm ridiculous lol and I got my first Dollfie, Sailor Moon. Paid $950 total but I have no regrets. She is amazing.

Kotonoha from School Days? I want her too.
10 meses atrás
NekoAleu Cat Girl
Also I finally got my holy grails, the Elfen Lied figures.
10 meses atrás
NekoAleu Cat Girl
Lmao I forgot about those sketches. I got out of my Simpsons craze. Still love it though. I'm forced to watch Futurama all the time with my boyfriend hahaha. I started collecting Rena again. I re-bought my first two almost two years ago already.

I added a bunch of the new Higurashi Web Kuji merch to the database this morning. They're kinda boring but just wanted to let you know there's Rena stuff.
10 meses atrás
NekoAleu Cat Girl
It's so nice to see that you and other Rena fans I know are still active here after so many years.
10 meses atrás
Happy birthday!!
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All Japanese Games, Anime Figures & Trading Cards! Reliable Worldwide Shipping, and World-Class Customer Service!


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