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The beating of a heart is the first source of music!
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Favorite Anime List:
Uta no☆Prince-sama♪
Brothers Conflict
Kamigami no Asobi
Ao no Exorcist
Vampire Knight
Junjou Romantica
Kimi to Boku

~Etc Etc~


Thank you for the FR! ^^
*stares jealously at your Utapuri collection especially Tokiya* X'DD <33333
5 anos atrás
Thanks for the FR :D

Nice to meet another fellow Singaporean here~
5 anos atrás

Thank you for the FR! :)

So happy to meet another Hakuouki and UtaPri fan! :)

I just love your collection! So many bishies! <3

Your profile pic is adorable! Saitou is such a cutie haha <3

And your favourite anime list! We have the same tastes! *High fives*

I just finished watching Kamigami and I really hope we can get scale figures for them (I'd love an Anubis scale, wish he had more screen time though), especially the god forms or I hope Koto picks them and makes dream cushions for them *_*

Do you have a favourite Kamigami character?
5 anos atrás
Natsuki-Ai6 anos atrás#2237290Thanks for accepting friend ^.^ totally love your Masato collection and the way you place them around your room! Its so pretty!! such a bliss to see them around the room everyday <3

No problem :D And thank you! I have gathered most of his items onto one shelf, but there are still many pieces scattered across my room. It makes me smile every time I step in, no joke ;w;
6 anos atrás
Thank you for the FR and adding the 3rd piano scores! I didn't add them because I couldn't find the JAN or catalog numbers :(
6 anos atrás
Thanks for the Friend Request!

I simply adore your UtaPri collection.
6 anos atrás
Thanks for accepting my FR! :D
6 anos atrás
Natsuki-Ai6 anos atrás#2029602Thanks for the FR~ Noragami!! Yato and Yukine is cute but i am more of a fan of Kazuma ^.^ I totally cant resist guys with spect
I know what u mean guys with spects are attractive too I find them to be intelligent and sophisticated ^^
6 anos atrás
so many bishies >.< yeah
6 anos atrás
Oh God great collection of bishounen...
Daaaamn You have a lot of Saitou and Tokiya stuff, raawwrrr *o* I'm so jealous </3 ;__;
7 anos atrás
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