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I MOVED 2 -> kashiwazaki


wow!! your profile is so adorable! <3 so much pink *-* I can't believe you have a Melon-chan figure its rlly beautiful! *u*
4 anos atrás
Yes definitely!! More people need to know about her and love her! :D NikkiKora4 anos atrás#4580462I'm so glad you're an Azuki Azusa man omg, She's the cutest ( *`ω´)
4 anos atrás
Happy belated!
4 anos atrás
Sena FTW!
5 anos atrás
NikkiKora5 anos atrás#3051283GOD TRUE. I want her so bad... I didn't think anything of the pre-painted prototype, but they did such a beautiful job painting her. If I wasn't saving up to move I'd preorder her for sure q_q Are you going to get her?

I preordered as soon as she went up on amiami, her face is perfect on this figure. I'm gonna be so broke by the end of summer though, I really can't help myself. I'm sure you can save $100~ within 4 months, October is pretty far.
5 anos atrás

I noticed your Ordered tab was missing something.
5 anos atrás
NikkiKora5 anos atrás#2969606Ugh her 1/4 is so cute... ;_; I love the cherry one and the beach queens one you have as well! Saving up for moving plans is suffering.

Her other beach queen is cute too, but having 2 of her would make me feel weird. I sincerely sympathize with your financial struggles, feel better knowing I'll get any new Sena idols for the both of us. (ી(΄◞ิ౪◟ิ‵)
5 anos atrás
NikkiKora5 anos atrás#2968936If she was truly your waifu, your love would be steadfast in the face of any perceived competition. Don't give up that easily. |ω・)و ̑̑༉

Who said anything about giving up?! Your doubt in my love for Sena only makes it stronger. Typing this as I stare into the eyes of her 1/4. Reassured.
5 anos atrás
I don't know how to feel about seeing a shrine of my waifu in another person's room ;_;
5 anos atrás
Free Shipping World Wide. A place for collectors.


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