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Hi! My name is Rie and I mostly collect video games and video game memorabilia. I'm now retired from the raiding life in MMOs and I'm trying to get back into everything else I set aside. I mostly play jRPGs and rhythm games (Pop'n and Project Diva especially). I'm a huge fan of limited edition consoles. See my Backloggery for a full list of games.

Twitter: @rieplays
Instagram: @rieplays
Persona (♥ P2), MegaTen, Tales, Resident Evil, Silent Hill, Final Fantasy, Lunar, Breath of Fire, Pop'n Music, Project Diva, Sonic the Hedgehog (classic)
VOCALOID, k-pop, j-pop, hk-pop, eurobeat


freezermilk Cute Girl Enthusiast
Happy birthday!! ~
4 meses atrás
Thank you for accepting my FR!~~~~
Your set up for video games, your room, the aesthetic of it all gives me this really fuzzy feeling like "that is perfectt."
I'm a bit of a gamer too, so...I can't help but get giddy about seeing things set up so pretty and cool. I know none of that made sense.
7 meses atrás
Onyxia (8 meses atrás) #26744821Aaah, thank you! ♥
You have an amazing Danganronpa collection and your Chiaki cosplay is super cute!
Heck, your Chiaki collection is incredible (just dropped by your IG gallery)!

That's so sweet, thank you! :) And thanks for following me on there, I'm happy you have an IG too, your pictures are so beautiful! I can really tell how much thought and care is put into each one. Your apartment is also gorgeously decorated!
8 meses atrás
Thank you for the add! I love your pictures, your Usami/Danganronpa 2 one is so pretty!
8 meses atrás
I just love how you organize your collection! I've got to work hard to organize my own.
1 ano atrás
I love your Luna PGSM plus so much! I'm still looking for it so hard ^^

Your collection is beautiful! :)
2 anos atrás
Onyxia (3 anos atrás) #3079554Aah, love your Pokémon collection! ❤ Really liking all your pictures of it too!
I've been slowly adding stuff to the database since most plushes from the early 2000s don't seem to be on there, and that's when I noticed your name. Had to drop by!

Omg yes thank you so much for adding to the pokemon database!! There's soooo much that needs to be added and I wish I had more time to contribute myself XD I'll certainly add to whatever i have of your submissions though, thank you for the FR <3
3 anos atrás
Onyxia (3 anos atrás) #3078690Awww, thank you! You know, I never really realized I had a theme going on, haha. I'll have to try to take more matching pictures! Good luck with your collection!

YES! I look forward to seeing more! Games and plushies are a super cute combo! Plushies and matching merch as well. You should do a Sailor Moon one too.
And thank you! I wish you good luck with your collection as well~
3 anos atrás
AW! I love your photos! I like the theme you have going on! Plushies with matching consoles. I hope you'll continue, would love to see more! They're so darling!
3 anos atrás
Onyxia (3 anos atrás) #3070360Aah, thanks for the FR! ♥ I see you like cute things as well! Always happy to meet fellow collectors!
I love your Nagisa icon, she's so adorable. ;v;
Thank you! I love your Icon its cute! :3
3 anos atrás
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