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Needs more Layton
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"A gentleman never leaves a puzzle unsolved."

My name is Pahsmina, goes under Pahsy for short, and I love a good puzzle game.
I mainly focus on collecting Professor Layton related merch, hoping that I one day can have an as complete collection as possible. I'll probably not be able to but it's good to have ambitions I guess!
Apart from figures my hobbies are drawing, J-fashion and games.

Please don't send FR on random! I'll gladly make friends but please talk to me before you send one, thank you in advance. ♥



Get 3 boxes from this set since they feature many of my faves this time (was lucky to complete the first one with just two boxes.)

I'm generally curious about your opinion on Precure B-Day merch especially since some can get horrific aftermarket prices (looking at you, Yell.)
I happen to ask since for the current situation Cure Grace's B-Day merch can be ordered online this time and I took my chance given hers definitely goes up crazy.
14 dias atrás
Hello, it's been a while! Just thought this might interest you to add into your Whip collection: ITEM #986465
14 dias atrás
Hello! I sent you a message but I'm new to this website so I don't know how to check my messages ^^; I would love to chat with you about buying something you posted a while back!
17 dias atrás
Hello! Saw you reported my images! I fixed them in the description and was just wondering if the alert/report will be changed, fixed, or go away! Thanks for your help :)
27 dias atrás
Okay! Thank you so much! <3
3 meses atrás
Hello! Since you reported my header image and have been on this site for 8 years I would very much appreciate it if you could pm me how to upload a correct header that won't get reported or deleted. I'm new to this site and community and still getting the hang of the settings and tools and customizing my profile and could use some help. Thank you so much! :)
3 meses atrás
Hey there.
Couldn't answer your pm since your inbox is apparently full www

Thank you for your offer on Ichigo, but I will wait for a few more offers from other people. I'll be in touch soon
3 meses atrás
Happy birthday!
8 meses atrás
Hello and nice to meet you!

I'm glad to see another Layton collector too!
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This is what happens when TOEI didn't bother to create a new devise to avoid such thing.
If you want me to link you to the leak, let me know (as we got a glimpse of her in the OP.)
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