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  • http://i1174.photobucket.com/albums/r620/KawaiiTaiga/MerryChritmas_zpsibdrrxjb.png
    3 anos atrás
    PandaLolix4 anos atrás#9188270Yes Shy! ;)
    Yes, Kira! ;D
    4 anos atrás
    Matching Icons!!!!!!!
    4 anos atrás
    Thank you for the FR!!
    4 anos atrás
    Hi :) Thank you for the FR
    4 anos atrás
    PandaLolix5 anos atrás#3348433No problem also thank you so much too! Oz-kun is a precious cinnamon roll so must get lots of love :D
    Pandora Hearts needs more love from manufacturers in general so we could get MOAR-MOAR-MOAR kawaii (and preferably NOT exclusive T_T) stuff *_* Figures would be nice too. This title is too cool to be ignored <3
    5 anos atrás
    Thanx for the FR :)
    You have so many lovely straps! And Oz-kun is one the most adorable ones <3
    5 anos atrás
    PandaLolix5 anos atrás#2970085Thanks for the FR! :D

    Thanks for accepting! o/
    5 anos atrás
    Thanks for the FR ^^
    5 anos atrás
    Naoto-chan 一リッカ
    Hi! Thanks for the FR! ;D
    5 anos atrás
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