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Ack, I love cute things!
and I love gaming, anime , cosplay , dolls and figures. And many more. Let's be friends~~<3


Hey there. Noticed your comment and if you're still interested in ITEM #474093 I've got one for sale.
2 anos atrás
Nice to meet you too!! (^∇^)/
Yes, I ship them so much!! They're also my top two favs in the entire group haha!

I hope they will perform soldier game in today's final live! ><
4 anos atrás
Pandy4 anos atrás#7978849Hehe glad to be here! Love seeing your girls all over FB , you take such lovely photos, I got my Rin DD coming in next week :3 she's my first one... so excite, can't contain!! How have you been BTW? ^-^

Aww thanks!! I really enjoy photography. Oh congrats on Rin! I think you will love DDs, they're like giant Azones. And Rin is gorgeous, I especially love this new version of her. So much I may have accidentally won an auction for her head... Whoops. It'll be a while before she gets her, I'm not having her shipped for three weeks yet so please share pictures of your girl when you get her! Hope you're doing well :(
4 anos atrás
Pandy4 anos atrás#7973235Hey there! love your pics and collection, your kikipop is sooo adorable ; D i'm a fellow dolly lover / collector. <3 It's nice to meet you ^^ i'm still kinda new here and could use more friends haha.
Thank you so much for all the kind words! I'm glad that you are also a dolly lover!! Do you happen to like BJDs as well??? :D
4 anos atrás
Hello new friend.
4 anos atrás
Pandy4 anos atrás#5636376Hey just wanted to update you ! thanks again so much for selling the little wonderland Aika to my friend, she finally came to visit her family and she's soo cute in person! Her nee-san and little onii-chan are happy to have her visit!
this is her now with her siblings ^-^

I'm so glad she arrived safely ^_^ She looks so absolutely adorable with her new family. Thanks for letting me know she arrived.
4 anos atrás
Pandy4 anos atrás#5263402Hey I know the post was made a year ago and chances are low but figured I'd task anyway, is the azone xs shorts clothing set you were trying to sell still available?

Hi, I'm afraid it's not now!
4 anos atrás
I just emailed her! I'm so sorry to have worried you both! Real life got in the way and I was using my phone and I guess it logs me in automatically here so even though I wasn't actively on it registers me as having been. Pandy4 anos atrás#4413173Hey um, I have my friend over and she's really concerned about her Aika she bought from you : [ she said she tried to get ahold of you and it's been 15 days and you were on here just recently shes worried it might be a scam. So please respond to her when you get a chance, thanks!
4 anos atrás
Pandy4 anos atrás#3747671Hey~~ it's pandy from flickr (another azone collector) love your babies<3 ^-^
Hey Pandy! Thank you! (I'm also Jamie Evangeline on the Facebook groups) Nice to see you here :)
4 anos atrás
YAY 8D This place looks cool 888D And friendly <3
5 anos atrás
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