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ghirahim Needs more Kyouko
Rei-fan6 anos atrás#2082737Hi ya!
Krhm, sorry, I didn't see your comment >/////<
Thank you for asking, I'm fine :) How are you? c:

It's okay, sometimes I miss comments >.<
I'm going well c:
6 anos atrás
Hi, i saw that you wished for the Rei Ayanami maid Version, i'm currently selling a brand new, undamaged and authentic limited edition light blue one for 220 USD with free shipping, other stores like plamoya and amazon are selling her for about 240-300 USD with shipping, pm me if interested! Thanks!
SALE #47141
6 anos atrás
Thank you for accepting my friend request!
6 anos atrás
ghirahim Needs more Kyouko
Hi! How have you been? c:
6 anos atrás
Rei-fan6 anos atrás#2050398Hi!
Ouh, sorry for late reply... >////<
I'm fine, thanks for asking :) You too?

No problem my friend, I'm fine too, thanks :D
Eheheh... renew a collection sometimes is the best way to don't feel bored about it... I usually try to do that too, but some pieces are quite impossible to re-sell ahahaha :D
6 anos atrás
Hello!!! How are you? :3
6 anos atrás
ghirahim Needs more Kyouko
Rei-fan7 anos atrás#1700521Hi!
I'm so so so sorry again!!! ;____; I have been busy cause holiday is over and schools & works started here. But I'm really sorry!
Huh, I'm not the only one who is always late with replies... xD But you're quick! :3
Oh, I understand... :c You must visit someday in Lapland, there's soooo many colors of fall! :D My friend visited there last fall and she really loved that place. :3
I agree! That's so so lovely <3
He looks fabulous, indeed! ´3` Must get *_* Oh, yeah, that's true... hoping the best!
I loooove Hitagi <3 She's amazing, you're right ´3` And all you linked were awesome ^^ I like them too.
I had one test of French. I love the language :3 It's just a bit difficult to study that, cause I have to go in an other school to have two lessons per week of it... So that means I lost some lessons. I have to study them at home, well, that's not a big problem. I just can't be lazy 8D
Nice to hear that you have done them! I understand... :/ Haha, maybe you can buy more figures! :D Where do you work, may I ask? :)
So good to hear that you're fine :) I have same feelings, when I go home I just want to sleep...

It's okay, did you have a nice holiday though?

I try to be as quick as I can, but sometimes I can take a while.
That would be so pretty! A place I might be moving to next year (the capital of Australia) experiences proper seasons. The leaves there go brown and in the spring, the cherry blossoms bloom everywhere c:
Fingers crossed Freeing does an awesome job! Sometimes they can be good.
Hitagi is just fabulous <3 I ended up pre-ordering that figure as well. So excited for January for her to come out!
It's good you love the language. It's so hard to learn something you don't like. I know what you mean, I can be really lazy with homework and studying as well xD
I sure can :D I work at McDonald's I don't like it that much... But it's pretty much one of the few places here that hires school-aged people...and it's money for figures xD Do you have a job?
I have another busy week this week with work and school. By the end of it, I'll be feeling like that x.x
7 anos atrás
Rei-fan7 anos atrás#1700525Oooh she's lovely!! *o*

yes, I was buy her only around USD 20 and its free shipping :D

well...on the next september I get bad news and good news.

the bad news is...I must skip AFA ID http://i48.tinypic.com/346q1x5.jpg

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and the good news is...I will meet 9 prety girls from south korea http://i49.tinypic.com/8vria9.jpg

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And I was buy the premium red ticket, its cost IDR 2.500.000.
its location is the front of the stage http://www.onion-club.net/images/smilies/70bff581.gif
7 anos atrás
Rei-fan7 anos atrás#1662873Hi dear friend and sorry again for my late reply! D': I try to answer for you as soon as possible, weekend is here and I have free time :) Sorry yet, I don't know where I lost all my time... :'c But how are you? Miss ya!

It's ok again there... Take your time, I'm also busy with my manga project here. I just done another chapter here. I'm spectacular here because I just done another manga chapter & I just made it to sold one of my figure/goods stocks, & also starting myself to become a figure/goods seller. & what about you? Yeah, I miss you too, my dear friend. Thanks so much for asking me... :)
7 anos atrás
I get Rei Ayanami today :

PICTURE #789574

7 anos atrás
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