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Hello! I was looking through remi ads and saw your mameshiki remi, I am highly interested in purchasing her but your inbox is full and the ad is about 4 yrs old now! If you could contact me about it I would appreciate it very much, I am also interested in several of your other ads as well if they are still available!
9 meses atrás
Hi! I was wondering if you were willing to sell or trade your Me-tan figure? I've got figures and tamagotchis up for trade and I could also pay well! :>
10 meses atrás
such a lovely collection!
1 ano atrás
haha seravy your comment on the downvoting blog made me actually lol. thank you for that! x)
2 anos atrás
GCNess 魔人筆頭
Happy birthday!
2 anos atrás
Happy late bd!!! XD
3 anos atrás
Such a cute collection, have a nice day!
4 anos atrás
Amazing collection!
5 anos atrás
you have a lovely collection :o
7 anos atrás
arisutan やれやれだぜ
Seravy8 anos atrás#2105354Yes, I did. If he doesn't reply in 10 days, you get it back automatically.great! that's wonderful! i had a bad feeling this would happen. we followed eachother on twitter for a while until i found out a few things about her..she turned out to be a pretty awful person, and now there's this! i hope my $65 comes back to me soon...
8 anos atrás
PVC anime figure store.



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