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View spoilerHide spoilerYou are the birthday star today... Happy birthday! ...xD ...xD
4 anos atrás
Happy Birthday !! :D
4 anos atrás
SolidSRK (5 anos atrás) #1538859Hey mademoiselle, sorry! I have to ask a favor of you if you can do it. If you can't, I understand!
Au revoir!

Hi !!! ^^

no problem, it depends what on what it is. :)

I'm actually passing my exams right now. Can it wait until the end of june? My last exam is the monday 18th. Starting from tuesday 19th, we can talk as soon as you're avaiblable.

If it's a question, you can ask it to me anyway, I'll answer as soon as I can. ^^

Oh you have Vash Revoltech ? :) I just paid my Nicholas Wolfwood from Kotobukiya yesterday, I'm waiting for him to join Vash now! I can't wait! ^^

Have a nice weekend! :)
5 anos atrás
SolidSRK (5 anos atrás) #1498533Thank you again for the Vash figure. He looks awesome! It came with no trouble and the card was very thoughtful of you.
I hope your shop continues to be a success!

Thanks for purchasing a figure from me! The transaction was really smooth and your communication is great. Thanks for giving my Vash figure a new home! :3
5 anos atrás
SolidSRK (5 anos atrás) #1450156Hey mademoiselle, whenever you get the chance, lets talk.
Take your time, I don't want to rush you. I'll see you later mademoiselle!

Sure! ^^

I hope you're ok. :)
I've gone back to school but I have a lot of work until mid may. After that, I'll have less things to do.
Sorry to delay but the last exams are approaching. I'm reaching my goal so I have to work harder now.

By the way, my Skype nickname is sgt.positive.

Have a nice day! :)
5 anos atrás
SolidSRK (6 anos atrás) #1315048I hope you're enjoying your gifts mademoiselle! I know I say this alot but, I hope we can talk again soon.
BTW, I've gotten an email saying that Messenger will be retiring soon and so, Skype will be the next thing we'll be using to talk to each other. Anyway, I look forward to talking to you again. I've been very busy with work, and been studying alot but, I'm so grateful that I have this wonderful privilege. I'll see ya later mademoiselle! =D

Hi!! ^^

My Skype nickname is Sgt Positive too. :)

I'm so sorry not to have answer! :| Right now, I don't have free time at all. I spend all my time at work and the rest working on my degree. The last exams are approaching! As soon as I have a holiday, I'll send you an email to answer you properly, I promise. By the end of March, I go back to school until june, I'll have more time (I hope!).
How are you doing? :)

I'm sorry, I didn't forget you! :)
5 anos atrás
SolidSRK (6 anos atrás) #1290975Joyeux Noel mademoiselle!!!
I'm sorry, I've been very busy with work, just came back for it actually. I hope you had a very good Christmas mademoiselle. I'll send you something...special...=D
Au revoir mademoiselle, see ya later!

Happy new year Solid-kun ! ^^
It's ok! :) I'm very busy too. It's new year's eve and I'm working just now... -_-'
Thank you again for your gift! :)
Hope you've spent some good times! ^^
6 anos atrás
Hi! ^^

How are you doing? :) I'll finnally have your gift next weekend! ;D
6 anos atrás
SolidSRK (6 anos atrás) #1235659Giloo told me you received your gifts. I was so happy to hear it that it finally came for you.
I hope you're enjoying them, and I look forward to talking to you soon mademoiselle. See ya later!

Thank you so muuuuuch!!! :D
The gift is still at my parents' place but Giloo took some pics! ^^

I'm already thinking about something for you. :)
6 anos atrás
SolidSRK (6 anos atrás) #1226958Mademoiselle, I got hired!!! I HAVE A JOB NOW!!! I'M SO HAPPY!!! MANLY TEARS WERE SHED!!!

I hope you got your gift today =D

Oh really? :D That's great news! ^^
You deserve it! :)
Still haven't received your gift but don't worry, it can take some time. :)
6 anos atrás
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