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Interested in some items you're selling if you could PM me when you see this!
13 dias atrás
Hi! I want to ask about one of your Nendoroids but your inbox is full!
1 mês atrás
11 meses atrás
Hi! I am trying to contact you about a figure you are selling, but your inbox is full. If you could message me when you see this:)
1 ano atrás
Figure was shipped promptly, packaged correctly, and in the condition described. Thanks for the sale.
1 ano atrás
Hello! I am trying to contact you about a figure you are selling, but it says your inbox is full. Please message me when you see this! Thank you!
1 ano atrás
I agree with you on that, mine has evolved a few times and fixing to evolve again. Lol. I’m rebuilding my collection since I sold everything last year for a move that ended up not happening.
Most of the games I play are on PlayStation 4, PSP and the Vita.
I have the KanColle game on the Vita which apparently I’m the only one in probably the world to play it that way. Lol.
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i LOVE your set up! if you ever wanna talk, drop me a comment or FR!!
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