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I hve a lot of space, strange o.O
8 dias atrás
i think that yours is full man haha
8 dias atrás
Thanks for letting me know, just cleaned it :)
1 mês atrás
Congrats on getting some great kits from WonFes!!
7 meses atrás
The-Hurricane (8 meses atrás) #23677086Oh geez no! Holy crap that would be so mean, I would never condone something like that! I want to help people get better (or just enjoy their work as-is if they want), not make them feel bad!
Yeah that's what I was thinking of then, I've seen her for sale a few times and the price is always astronomical. Generally I like artist cast dolls, so I'm almost always shit outta luck lol since I tend to find them after the fact and the aftermarket price hurts.
That's super cool though, what colour are you dyeing her tail? I've seen some resin dying tutorials and it sounds like it's kind of hard to dye resin sometimes. The only "dyeing" of resin I've done is of the actual liquid resin before pouring it into a mold! :)

You can dye BJDs with inexpensive dye called iDye Poly. I'm dyeing her tail into a gradient of pinks!

Also yes, artist dolls are so expensive, but so beautiful. Whose are you looking at?

Any advice for new GK painters? Sorry for the short reply - I'm on mobile.
8 meses atrás
The-Hurricane (8 meses atrás) #23674958Okay that sounds really cool! I've always loved seeing people who paint kits differently than what they're intended to be. It fascinates me. I also find kitbashing endlessly interesting.
Ahhhhh BJDs, I've enjoyed them for years but just recently bit the bullet and bought some. I'm waiting on a couple. What do you own? ^__^

I'm sorry I'm ignorant - what is kitbashing?

As for BJDs, none of the ones I own are Japanese so they can't be on MFC but I have the following:

Alchemic Labo Unoa/Fairyland hybrid
Fairyland Minifee Momo (bunny ver)
Fairyland Minifee Sia (mermaid version)
Loongsoul Celia (mermaid version)
Loongsoul Eloise (pegasus version)
50cm Obitsu
Doll Love Alina
Soom Galena/Beryl hybrid (Galena head, Beryl body)
8 meses atrás
The-Hurricane (8 meses atrás) #23674868Absolutely! <3 Will these be your first garage kits? Or do you collect them and paint them regularly? ^___^

They will not be my first kits (I have a really small supposedly 1/8 size Lilith, but I haven't painted her yet). I'm kind of afraid to, since she's so small and hard to find. But I do already have most of the materials required since I already paint BJDs.

I'm hoping to paint both Kasen and Cure Honey to be OCs, since they're already somewhat similar. :)
8 meses atrás
I like you. >u< Can we be friends~?
8 meses atrás
The-Hurricane (9 meses atrás) #21893214Aww thank you so much! I really enjoy collecting them, there's somehting so satisfying about being able to own something so rare and gorgeously produced. Garage kits are often way better and higher in production quality than mass produced PVCs.
Also, yay another queer collector! :D Curious, I hope this doesn't come across as too invasive, but I was wondering if your queer identity affects what you collect? I find my own collection reflecting my orientation in some surprising (and not-so-surprising) ways! :)

it's not invasive at all! my identity definitely does factor into my collection, for me. currently my collection's a pretty even split between boys and girls, and i don't have any nsfw figures (yet...), but i'm always quick to long for androgynous characters because they speak so much to my preferences (and goals, let's be real), like ITEM #180758, ITEM #124248, ITEM #41773, and ITEM #396963. generally any character or figures of a character that play with gender and gender roles is pretty instantly something i'm interested in.

also, i was gearing up to start sanding and prepping a kit today when i realised it had clear resin-- have you ever painted clear resin with brushes? i'm worried it'll look streaky, but i've heard it should be fine as long as i do several thin coats. i just don't understand why these parts even needed to be clear xx
9 meses atrás
your gk collection is amazing! i think i've seen your sayo kit on ebay when i'm trawling for touken ranbu stuff or gks.

also more power to you as a queer collector! i think there are quite a few of us around tbh, at least stateside.
9 meses atrás
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