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i need help.
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Once, there was a girl. She enjoyed anime and manga, very much. She was starting to get into Vocaloid. One day, while shamelessly browsing through Amazon, she found a certain item. It was called a nendoroid. She researched about it and thought she just had to get one. She used her birthday money and bought the one she saw. She ended up loving it, and decided to get more. Her collection grew and grew, and as it grew she began to fall in love with the top Vocaloid, Miku. She got nendoroids of her as well. She now has 10 nendoroids, 1 1/2 figma (don't ask) and 3 nendoroid petites. Now, she has gotten deep into the depths of Undertale h*ll and into figure h*ll. Will anyone throw her a rope and pull her out? Wait, nevermind. If you do, she'll use to the rope to pull you in with her. She does not give a diddly darn Miku about your opinions of her.

That girl, is me.



hey oh my gosh! long time no see!! we used to message quite often a few years ago!
1 ano atrás
TheYuiChan3 anos atrás#23588532Happy Birthday friendo!!
thank you!
3 anos atrás
TheYuiChan3 anos atrás#16076252Happy Birthday, all the lolis in my collection (though not many) wish you happy birthday!

Lol, thanks! Give em all a hug for me ;-)
3 anos atrás
I found you a coffin.
R.I.P Snow Miku
4 anos atrás
TheYuiChan4 anos atrás#6708403Happy Birthday! May Vocaloid bless you with joy.

Thank you! x3
4 anos atrás
Remembered you saying that today's your birthday. Happy birthday!
4 anos atrás
Hello there TheYuiChan!
Thank you so much for the FR! ^_^ I can see you're a Miku fan! I'm not a huge fan myself but I do find her design really pretty so that's why I own some Miku figures lol.
Dear I've read your blog and just wanted to tell you that you need to relax a little, please don't worry and cheer up a little. Things will sort out in some way!
Yeap I know it's ok to cry and feel sad when things don't go the way you want to (tell me about it, I tend to depress a lot) but you have to have patience and just take a deep breath. You'll get the pink cutie eventually :3

Wanted to wish you a Happy Birthday as well!! :D Hope you enjoy that day and eat tons of cake!!
Take care dear! Cheer up! <3
4 anos atrás
Hey there! I saw your post and just wanted to send you a little message.
I'm sorry that all those people thought that being rude would be the best way to voice their opinion. Everybody makes mistakes and I know that when I'm sad or stressed, I also forget about other people's problems sometimes.

You will get her! I've been able to buy some figures in the past that I'd wanted for a long time but thought I'd never get! GSC is very nice to its customers so you'll be fine!

Happy birthday in advance and I hope you'll be able to get your figure and all those other figures on your wishlist soon :)
4 anos atrás
Hey, I'm sorry people were kinda rude to you here on this site, I'm not sure why but the majority seems to be very unfriendly to underaged people. Maybe bitterness because they didn't get to experience the joy of figures in their own youth? Anyway, I hope you don't let them discourage you too much, as you can see there are a lot of people here that will treat you with respect and kindness.

Anyway, I hope you have a nice birthday and that Miku comes soon! The wait will only make it all the better when you finally get her.
4 anos atrás
Here's some pretty pictures of Sakura Miku. I'm sure you'll be able to get yours eventually :)
4 anos atrás
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