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I hate having too many lists, so for my own convenience, I'm putting my ordered items on a custom list here:

In transit:

ITEM #740315

ITEM #236662

ITEM #604781



My Wonfest (2017S) List:
ITEM #604760
ITEM #604761
ITEM #604762
ITEM #604763
ITEM #604547
ITEM #604429
ITEM #604467



Chloe-tsundere The louise otaku
Thanks :D i had a blast and this saturday i will celebrate with friends so 2x fun hehe

Ohh im very curious if shes any good she caught my eye as well. Too bad shes 3d printed but maybe she will be very nice after all!

Indeed! Im really excited and i got my energy back :D i feel so much better!

I bought a pokemon switch today :) regretted cancelling my po after all... so im glad i found one as the eevee ver is getting rare here (the console that is the regular game is still available)

Hehe well 1st party was awesome so im sure the 2nd will be too plus day after i will do a face massage of 30 min :) ! To relax a bit!
7 dias atrás
Chloe-tsundere The louise otaku
Hi my friend how are you? Anything interesting received or on order?

So much happened in my life atm :) sadly a divorce but found a sweet new bf to start with and in feb we will live together officially :D ! So excited!!
So very busy selling a lot and i had 1 sale luckily ^_^

And as you know bday is soon, so sunday is my bday party for family plus 15th for friends :)

Also happy holidays in advance
10 dias atrás
Ja genau schnell mal hin, auf dem event eh andere doujin zirkel die mich auch interessieren xD

Stimmt, bei Ban werden es ja auch immer mehr wallscrolls. Verkaufen sich sicherlich gut, der Stil von ihm ist halt echt gut :O
1 mês atrás
Uiii, das kenn ich noch gar nicht! Nicht schlecht :O

Aber immer diese event exclusive pffff

Bin echt mal gespannt ob jetzt wirklich alle wallscrolls ne Figur kriegen... Ich warte ja immer noch auf sie: ITEM #711902 :/
1 mês atrás
Bei mir funzt es auch nicht... was ist den da los? Aber wenn ich direkt auf meinen Nutzernamen von twitter klick führt es mich zu meinem Profil. Mal schau ob ich noch die Twitter Einstellung auf MFC finde :O

EDIT: Danke, ist gefixt... jedenfalls bei mir xD
2 meses atrás
WOW, der sieht bemalt noch mal besser aus. Muss ich mir mal echt ernsthaft überlegen xD
2 meses atrás
Chloe-tsundere The louise otaku
Lately i dont add to my list and just subscribe and unsubscribe if it dissapoints later on or po or add to my huntlist aftersales (3 lists: priority,maybe and not sure)
Oh i dont expect anything either, tho was pleasantly surprised by the lovely louise wedding fig <3 tho a bit expensive.. and i also po'd the lineage dark elf as i regret not getting the max factory one and i just love elfs and lineage 2 is sentimental.

Well then the result will be her ending up in my prob never get list. But yeah shes big so surely 4-5k gets added on top as well...
Well i dont plan to cast her off anyways i like her as is.

Ahh so you sell the raita angels too? Me as well.. tho its hard to sell it locally and tbh i dont like selling on mfc much as they might nag and open paypal cases...

Well if you sell one of the figs i mentioned, please think of me :) that sonico is meh so yeah i'd say sell her and shes pretty easy to sell as shes a famous character.

I know but i dont like mastrubation figs much rlly.. i just bought her as fault!! Is my fav hentai by tony taka. I do love reiko a lot tho :) and i plan to get their other saeki ai instead: ITEM #287580
4 meses atrás
Chloe-tsundere The louise otaku
Hmm, i was quite dissapointed by this WF actually. I have about 8 figs i liked mainly from native and binding or alphamax i think yeah. And chocolat and vanilla being painted, they look awesome!

Ahh well the reason i hunt her in the aftersales is cause i want her bad but i simply dont have that money anymore.. i already hada budget but could be more loose about it with 2 incomes.. now im on my ownand i rlly dont have anything more than 140 euros.. louise luckily get released next year and i might live together with my bf but if not its still do-able as i got more hrs at work and got rid of the wajong (hard to explain but its for ppl with chronic illnesses like autism or physically etc) so now earn money myself :)
Sales dont go so easily so i dont rlly invest no more in just selling for profit. Especially 18+ stuff is hard as its prohibited on my local site (only Mko i managed to make her look like shes ok)

Which figs you want to sell? But yeah its indeed a hassle and you get many mails and ppl never reply after that for example ^^" or ask pics and then never to be heard of..

If you ever sell ITEM #18248 and the skytube one ITEM #164568, plus the policegirl..ITEM #183964 or bibleblack rika ITEM #162761 please think of me

Im prob going to sell more of my 18+ girls too.. the raita girls for example. Theyre nice but not wow anymore especially as i cant finidhthe set and plenty of em are made now so it feels less special.
And i want the other sarki ai where whe sits, the mastrubating one i try to sell but its hard
4 meses atrás
Chloe-tsundere The louise otaku
Hey my friend, how are you? :)
Long time no talk. Anything new?
4 meses atrás
Es sah halt nach dem selben Muster wie schon bei ein paar der anderen Figuren von Ban vorher aus... Erst Wallscroll und dann Figur.
Oder wir sind alle nur die totalen Gierlappen ey, die sofort von einer sexy Illustration eine Figur wollen xD

Uiii echt nice! Kopf und Klamotten super hin bekomme! Und nen ganz schön großes Gerät hat der Terminator ja auch noch dabei :P
4 meses atrás
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