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Figure came safe and sound, love him (:
9 meses atrás
Please check your DM! Thanks
1 ano atrás
I've replied. Plz check inbox.
1 ano atrás
Hi, I can't seem to reply to your PM. How much are you selling your Levi Nendoroid, ans what condition is it in?
1 ano atrás
I saw that your selling the Lelouch and Suzaku figure and are based in Australia aswell! :D
How much are you selling them for?
Thank :)
1 ano atrás
Your inbox is full but definitely interested so message me :)
Want to know all the figures you have available since it's not too often you find sellers in Australia!
Also want to confirm the alter figure comes with the poster/artwork.
1 ano atrás
Hello, your inbox was full. Can I ask how much you are selling the erina mousepad? Thanks
1 ano atrás
How much?
1 ano atrás
Do u have the suguha figure?
1 ano atrás
How much do you have in mind? (ㅅ˘ㅂ˘)
1 ano atrás
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