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I'm Tyjos, I've been on MFC for a long time and I have collected figures for most of my life and lately it's winding down to a point to where it's time to get finished with collecting Anime figures by the end of 2020.

Update 7/25/20: I am clearing out my Model Kit collection and selling off the Backlog of kits that are taking up a ton of space and working on moving forward to being retired from active collecting, if all goes well should finish with that cleanout by the middle of next month.

I am focusing more on my mental,physical, and emotional health these days and with my interest in collecting shifting towards Starships and doing less with collecting Action Figures and other types of figures I'm happy to unplug from that part of collecting and focus on collecting something that is enjoyable to collect and those starship models are neat and look great with this collection so I'm content to stick to collecting that for a few months.

Check out my Collecting and Scifi blog tyjos84.wordpre... I share my latest collection additions there and my opinions/viewpoints on things related to collecting and my blogs on Scifi along ramblings about a few things.

I will be spending more time focusing my blogging efforts on Scifi since I prefer to watch more Scifi than Anime as of late and that's more enjoyable to me plus I'm more relaxed when I watch Scifi.

Currently my interests in Anime are focused on Series from the 90's-2000's and Mecha and Scifi Anime are my favorite series.

Some of My favorite series are:

Mobile Suit Gundam
Gundam 08th MS Team
Gundam Zeta
Outlaw Star
Macross Frontier
Tenchi Muyo
Bubblegum Crisis

I love Mecha series from the 90's and series like Bubblegum Crisis,Outlaw Star, Tenchi Muyo, Please Teacher, and Ah My Goddess are favorites that I enjoy watching often.

Some of my favorite things with collecting figures are getting Catgirl figures and I love figures in Pilot Suits since I love Mecha series and Transforming Mecha are among my favorites.


I love to collect certain series like figures from the Shining Video Game series and those have been favorites of mine for a long time, Xiao Mei is one of my favorite characters from that series plus I love her figures plus love Tony Taka's artwork and designs.


My favorite Mobile Suit Gundam series is Gundam 08th MS Team and I love to collect Mobile Suit Gundam figures and Model Kits.


Another favorite Mecha series of mine is MuvLuv and that's one that has caught my attention over the years due to the Mecha Designs in that series plus I love the Pilot Suit Designs.


I love Anime based Video Games and that's part of what lead me to collecting Anime figures, Final Fantasy is one of my favorite series of Games and Xenosaga is my favorite JRPG based game series.


Kos-Mos and T-elos remain my favorite Video Game characters and their figures are my favorites in this collection, I love their costume designs.

Another favorite series of mine is Yamato 2199, I love the designs from that series and it's been one of my favorite Scifi Anime series.


I love Scifi based Anime and there isn't a lot of those series out there these days so the older series hold my interest a lot more than new series do.


I also love Fantasy Anime too, there are also a few Romance Comedy series I like as well.

When I'm not watching Anime I am watching more Scifi and spending my days on Twitter tweeting more Star Trek and Scifi related stuff since that's my main focus on Twitter.


Thanks for stopping by!


Buy Anime figurines and japanese popculture collectibles at figuya.com


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