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My icon up there is a picture of a pocket music box, from the show Simoun, that is owned by the main character Aaeru. Unlike common music boxes in our world (where you turn a key to wind a spring to make the metal cylinder with stubs rotate to move the metal tines, which emit the music), Aaeru's is powered by air -- you either hold the wind blades (the part that looks like a wind mill) up to the breeze, or blow on it, and the blades turn, which powers the mechanism inside to strike the tines (which are visible in the lower part) to play the song. The metal part behind the wind blades is the top cover; the whole thing folds together with the top cover protecting it, like a compact. Aaeru at times wears it as a pendent on a necklace.

If you ever see the anime, when she pulls it out and holds it up to the breeze, it's immediately obvious what it is.

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