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Just another toy collector. I live in Hong Kong where there are lots of toys but very little space. I used to collect all the One Piece Portrait of Pirates figures but then I downgraded to Figuarts Zero due to space limitations. Now I'm thinking that Banpresto World Collectable Figures are the way to go because they're supremo small and cover a huge range of characters. Oddly, they're more expensive than Figuarts Zero.

Also, I like Asian movies. This is my story.



WebmasterKozo8 anos atrás#1061334It arrived in Hong Kong just last week and many dealers are selling it at a good price (about US$130) so I'm sorely tempted to take the plunge. The big issue for me is space. I already have a DX Grandline Ships Thousand Sunny (ITEM #99561) but this Going Merry would destroy that.

Hope you stick with One Piece! It only gets richer and more fun as it progresses. I got into it over 10 years ago and had a 2 year period where my interest lapsed (And I missed a bunch of DX POPs!). But now I'm in for the long haul.

That's a little cheaper than what I picked mine up for on Hobby Search so it's a great price! There's a great deal of metal on it so it's also heavy. (Which is why I was complaining slightly about the base: even though there's a peg on the back half keeping it steady, it's just not as sturdy as I'd have liked it to be.) Since they've made this, I'm hoping that they eventually make the Thousand Sunny as a Chogokin model too. Would look fantastic together!

I'm with One Piece for the long haul: each episode makes you wonder what's going to happen next and I love good storytelling!
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Thanks for the comment on the Going Merry!
The database here didn't have that many pictures of it, so most people probably would have passed on it. (Noticed that only 23 of us ordered it in the first place..) You would not regret ordering it as it has more detail than even I could get pictures of. ^_^
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WebmasterKozo8 anos atrás#1039970Happy Birthday!
Thank you!)))
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Happy Birthday! ^^
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Happy birthday to you Happy birthday to you Happy birthday Happy birthday Happy birthday to you\^.^/
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WebmasterKozoThank you for the welcome! I appreciate it.No problem :)!
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Welcome to the board!
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WebmasterKozoThanks! This is a great place to catalogue all the crazy stuff I own. :p
u're welcome~^^
enjoy your stay here XD
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welcome to the board~^^
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