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Great! Just great!
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Yukarius6 anos atrás#2306462Thank you! :3 Sorry for the late reply, very inactive lately.

you're welcome
6 anos atrás
DeadlyAnime Web Designer
View spoilerHide spoilerYou are the birthday star today... Happy birthday! ...xD ...xD
6 anos atrás
Happy Birthday ! =)
6 anos atrás
brucesolmiano No Caffeine No Life.
Happy Birthday !! :D
6 anos atrás
Yukarius7 anos atrás#1648639I personally really like it and would love to own it. An upset look would have been pretty nice, I have to admit but I still like what I see. x) I'd love to own all of those, really (Kobato, Maria, Sena and Yozora) xD Maybe someday...
I've usually always used AmiAmi to buy my figures, I think their prices ain't too shabby. The only thing I don't really like about them are their cancel policies. They're pretty strict about it. For my account, if I cancel even one figure or anything anymore, I get banned. :x Gotta be careful from now on, heh.
And I know the feeling. A lot of people prefer Sena over Yozora because of many reasons. I personally like Yozora because she can be quite funny and she's really cute. x) Gotta say, Sena is more waifu material to many people but I like my girls to not be perfect and Yozora is far from perfect. If there ever will be a third season for the anime, I'd love for Yozora to have more screentime so we learn about her past and her family! We don't know much about it. :/
I'll be looking forward for all the pictures you guys take! xD I'll try to be more active around here as well and take pics of any new figures I manage to get in the future. Happy collecting! <3

The two out of that set I really want are Yozora and Kobato. My boyfriend wants Maria but I don't think either of us like Sena, lol. Yes I don't have a problem using AmiAmi, but they don't have some of the trading figures that I really want. Thankfully I found Rakuten through this website. Uh oh! My bf has already had to cancel one order with AmiAmi, he's being careful about what he preorders now.

Although the figure he canceled was the bathingsuit version of Yami from TLR, and he didn't like it when they updated her photos- he thought it looked worse than the earlier prototype photos. Yes, I think Yozora is quite funny and witty. Also her long hair is gorgeous, I'm still getting used to her short hair. I miss the ribbons she tied on the end D: I'd like to know more about her as well,

Thanks! I'm looking forward to seeing some pictures of your newly set up collection :D.
7 anos atrás
Yukarius7 anos atrás#1648330Wow, same here! Me and my girlfriend are big on figures as well and we also daydream of having a room full of stuff we love. On my birthday yesterday, we actually spent a good amount of time tidying up our living room. We got a new shelf and that meant we could finally put all of our figures for show. We've had to keep like 3/4 amount of them hidden in a closet as we had no room for them. I might even take a picture of them this weekend as we make our figmas and other figures to look great. <3
I'm pretty happy to make a new friend in here! I've been pretty inactive at here lately as I haven't received a single figure in over half a year. But I think I'm finally getting more into this as we have more figures featured here. x) I'll be looking forward for your figure purchases, make sure to take pics of them then. xD

Oh that's awesome! I would love to see a photo of your figures on display :D! I love seeing people's collections, it makes me happy to know that my favorite characters, or anime characters in general, have a happy home <3. Ahh it must have been hard on you knowing all your awesome, hard earned figures were stowed away in the dark with no one enjoying them :o! We're about to move across the state we live in (Missouri) so I'm sad thinking about having to pack up all our figures.

I'm really glad to make a friend too :D! It makes me especially happy to find someone else that also likes Yozora! On the forum I browse a lot, they all prefer Sena, and are always insulting Yozora- which makes me sad ;-;. I wish I had known about this website sooner, because before I made a profile here, the only websites I knew for buying figures were AmiAmi, some overpriced stores, and stores where everything was already sold out. After we move I plan on buying a lot of the figures on my wishlist. I will definitely take pictures of any new figures we get :D!

My boyfriend just acquired ITEM #98882 off of another MFC user, so we're happy :D! (He likes Kobato, I like Yozora XD) In the same vein as that Kobato figure, what do you think of the Yozora version? ITEM #166917 I know it's only a prototype, but I think they should have given her an angry/upset look. Not a "I don't want to be here, in these clothes, in this position" look I guess- lol!
7 anos atrás
Yukarius7 anos atrás#1647065Heh, I see. And thanks~ I wish to have more figures of her someday. <3
I see you're a fan of Kuroneko! I really like her as well. Good luck with collecting figures btw! I'm still quite new to collecting figs even though I have some. I wish to have more! ;_;

You're welcome! I wish to have some figures of Yozora as well. Yes, they make so many cute figures of Kuroneko! I want them all @.@ And thanks :D! Goodluck to you also! I wonder if I can ever have enough figures? Haha, both my boyfriend and I want a lot of different figures. I think in a few years we're going to have a big collection. I've actually been daydreaming about us getting a house with a room devoted to our movie, video game, and figure collections haha!

Thanks for the friends request :D
7 anos atrás
Yukarius7 anos atrás#1646727Thanks! It's so rare for me to receive a comment so it made me happy. x)

You're welcome! Hope you had a good day ^^

I'm new here, but when I saw on the Community page that it show's who is having a birthday, I decided to send out well wishes :D.

Also, nice Yozora figures <3~
7 anos atrás
Happy Birthday! ^.^!
7 anos atrás
YukariusHaha, yeah, he sure is cool ^^ Love the figure alot. Too bad I can't make him stand correctly with his coat on >_< Nice collection you two have!Awwww he won't stand properly? Thats sucks :(

But thank you!!
9 anos atrás
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