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Happy Birthday and happy collecting Baeblade!
1 ano atrás
suffecool Not just cool... He's Suffecool
I know it's a year later, but is your Claymore Clare figure still available? Sorry for being late to the party.
3 anos atrás
Also interested in your Grell!
3 anos atrás
Are you still selling your Ciel? Let me know!
3 anos atrás
Happy Birthday Baeblade!
4 anos atrás
baeblade4 anos atrás#7117965Alright as soon as I get home work Ill send you the pictures my apologies I work long hours Thursdays and Fridays -___- your inbox is full btw thats I had to comment.

Sounds good; take your time. Just cleared my inbox.
4 anos atrás
Are you still selling Ciel of the gsc? (OwO)
4 anos atrás
baeblade4 anos atrás#6908909Hey your inbox is full. I mailed the figure today :) I have the tracking number.

Do you mind emailing it to me? kellyalingo@gmail.com
4 anos atrás
VioMariner PLATINUM Disco~
Hey sorry I haven't messaged you in so long!! Life's just been bleh though I try to stay active on MFC. I keep neglecting my friends here though ahhh xP College is rough, what's new lol. I hope finals and all that jazz are treating you better than I though.

I go to Uni in IL close to where I live. I used to attend uni in Michigan but the cold winters, cost, and being away from home weren't quite for me. As for political interests... hmm I'm not sure! I guess I got spurred on when watching elections in middle school and later volunteered. I'm a little disheartened from the media/campaigning side of it now when it comes to elections but I've always been more interested in the policy side along with larger national to international issues.

As for figures I always admired the pricier scales as a teenager but only got to collect them now as a sorta adult heh. I've always had a penchant for collecting items and I'm not quite sure why but just in love with 3D forms of my favorite characters. I have a few favorites but I'm happy to say I really love all my figures. Most of my figure collecting friends I've met via MFC! Though in my typical college/high school friend group I'm the only big anime fan and I usually keep that on the DL. MFC's been great in helping me find anime and figure collecting fans.

So how have things been for you? Watch anything interesting lately, may it be anime, movies, or other media like games? Any exciting pre-orders?
4 anos atrás
Thanks for FR
4 anos atrás
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Hardstyle, Rock, Pop, electronic dance, a lot of early 2000's techno, kpop/jpop, idk a lot I also collect cds as well lol
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