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bahzahkah5 anos atrás#2447226Happy Birthday. (Sorry I didn't greet you earlier, Haven't been on a while)

Thank you very much ♥
5 anos atrás
(❁´▽`❁)*✲゚* happy birthday (today's my birthday too!)
5 anos atrás
DeadlyAnime Web Designer
View spoilerHide spoilerYou are the birthday star today... Happy birthday! ...xD ...xD
5 anos atrás
bahzahkah7 anos atrás#1694399Hello and thanks for adding me to your friends list xD. (I see we share a common interest for lolis)
I apologize for the delay == its about half years since the last time i access my mfc acount == i'm very sorry about that .
Nice to meet you , my friend ^^ loli rule the world :3 :))
6 anos atrás
bahzahkah6 anos atrás#1873289Ah okay then. As for the Volks international site, would this be the site you are referring to www.volks.co.jp..., since this is all that comes up when I search for it (along with the USA website)?

6 anos atrás
bahzahkah6 anos atrás#1870058Thanks for the link. And the figures I'am referring used to have Limited listed on the RAN (or RAM) on the Details page of the figure (not sure where that went with the new interface of MFC). A figure that I am certain was limited is this one (ITEM #125017).
Also may I ask if Volks services outside of America as well as the program or website yu use to create GIF's?

I'll be selling that figure including the bonus limited item with it.

As for Volks US, no, only the US. You need to go to the Volks international store for anywhere outside the US. There should be links from there to the it.

As for the animated GIFs I just use whatever is free. I've used various things, nothing in particular.
6 anos atrás
bahzahkah6 anos atrás#1868756Would Limited RAN figures also be included in the list of figures your keeping? Also just wanted to know where the link to the Volks Website (english) is.

Not sure what figures you're referring to?

6 anos atrás
bahzahkah6 anos atrás#1845919Yeah I kinda thought you did from seeing the image above. Just wondering does your sack of figures pile up until the ceiling of your condo?

If I had to I can fill an entire room from floor to ceiling with figures.
6 anos atrás
bahzahkah6 anos atrás#1845868Wow. Does that also include the bathroom and kitchen area as well? And also I was wondering is there not some point in time where you have too much figures that they cannot fit (Did a rough estimate using the usual figure box size's for nendos, scaled and figmas and the amount you have, doesn't the space overtime become a bit squeezy)

Just the living areas. I don't open most of the figures, just stack them in one of the piles.
6 anos atrás
bahzahkah6 anos atrás#1845844Ah I see. Does your collection take up only the bedroom areas (assuming you live by yourself an your pets take minimal space) and living room area?[/quote

I use the entire house as a display area...
6 anos atrás
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