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I am just some poor lazy artist who works at a toy store and enjoys spending every penny that I make on figurines. I'm constantly poor without a doubt.

The thing I enjoy most about buying figurines is the cancerous smell of their newness and taking pictures of them.

Please, feel free to add me as a friend!
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Happy birthday, it's been a while!
5 meses atrás
Hi,I like your profile,profile pic and collection and thank you for creating the Shinji(My son/
beautiful boy) Defense Squad
6 meses atrás
Happy birthday again! :D
1 ano atrás
Happy birthday! It's been forever; hope you're doing some arting!
2 anos atrás
bakamandy (2 anos atrás) #14939677Thank you very much (*´▽`*)

with pleasure. :-D
2 anos atrás
Happy Birthday to you :-))
2 anos atrás
Hi Mandy!
I was actually introduced to your profile through Sophie. She mentioned that you have an amazing collection :p Thanks for accepting my add!
3 anos atrás
Shinji Ikari Defense Squad for life, and fellow Canadian! You have a lovely collection, I'm jealous!
3 anos atrás
bakamandy (4 anos atrás) #2435304Haha well it sure comes with its certain level of stress ^q^;; I've had a constant headache for the last few weeks from clenching my jaw too much unconsciously... Preschool is one of the hardest sections to work in too =u=;; and I'm pretty much doing it all by myself because nobody else wants to work in it.
The discount on toys doesn't account for much anymore to me... Canadian TRU doesn't have a great selection of toys (we didn't even get pacific rim stuff 8_8) and I've only found it useful with video games over the last few years... but that's only if they get games that I want to buy.
That's cool! A lot of friends who do film making tend to work in small groups so I don't think it's unusual unless it is a big production.
Haha I wish T_T right now my computer has been BSODing me and I need to reformat it (putting it off like a champ oops) and I don't like drawing at work because people tend to hover around and it bothers me. At this rate I won't be able to draw till after Christmas.

Bawwww, that sucks. *patpat* Hopefully things will get better soon? How do they determine who works where? Maybe you can transfer departments or hint at a raise since you're the only one over there?

Boo, that's pretty weaksauce. Can you get a discount on-line at least? Or maybe do some "inventory transfers" from the US? ;D

Ahhhh yeah, having an audience it no fun. You should hide out where the camping tents are during breaks and draw in there, haha. Why do you always seem to be having computer problems? Stop looking at smutty yaoi stuffs and getting viruses! ;)
4 anos atrás
bakamandy (4 anos atrás) #2407868It is pretty great! I'm a nightowl too and pretty introverted so working nights not having to deal with a whole lot of people is nice... it's a lot of physical work x_x getting more exercise in a month than the last couple years combined... but on the bright side, we goof around a lot too so it's not that bad.
UNFORTUNATELY... I'm working in the preschool side of the store =u= so not a whole lot of interesting toys. I have to wander to the other side to check things out... but don't even have much time to do that!
Ohh that's neat! I've always liked the process behind film making :D It does look expensive and time consuming but... I think it would be pretty exciting looking at the end result *_* HOPEFULLY YOU CAN MAKE IT!
Haha unfortunately 8u8 it's not actually a matter of having no time to draw but a matter of no energy to draw? orz I even had a long weekend last week and I just slept the entire time. I've been itching to draw a lot and doodle some things here and there but it's not enough... SO ITCHY... MUST... DRAw....
I haven't been on dA much myself either, well hopefully you yourself can find time to do the things you like 8u8 darn responsibilities...

Ah, I wish I could have a job where I didn't have to deal with people, too (fellow introvert; high five!). Plus getting paid to exercise is nice, haha. And that discount on toys, yum! I'd work there just for the first dibs on the limited/hard-to-find stuff that comes through, lol.

There can be some cool stuff in the pre-school side, no? Plenty of cutesy Fisher-Price and Disney stuff. Although I guess Duplos are over in the building sets area. :p

Yesh, lots of things go into filmmaking and most of it's interesting. Twas very difficult for me though since, as noted above, I am introvert. v_v Good thing it was a very small group of folks and many of them were friends. It's being color corrected right now but still have to finish up sound and music and whatnot (I'm doing things a bit backwards since my DP is very busy and I wanted to make sure color got done before he disappears again). We'll see what happens!

I know dem feels; all I do on weekends now is collapse! But iunno, mebbe you can art during breaks or whatnot? Even just quick sketchings is better than nothing....
4 anos atrás
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