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Good to know!
(wow, that took MUCH longer than they told me it would if they only arrived now :/)

bleh104 anos atrás#6745383thanks alot ^^ Gaara and Minato are here safe and sound :3
4 anos atrás
bleh104 anos atrás#5849456ah thats really nice ~ if u decide to sell the gaara i would buy both :3

btw;; Gaara is not still in the platic wrap. (neither is Shikamaru)
But I still have the boxes.
4 anos atrás
bleh104 anos atrás#5849456ah thats really nice ~ if u decide to sell the gaara i would buy both :3

Would you also be interested in Shikamaru ? ITEM #105385
I'll go to the post office tomorrow to see how much shipping costs.
PM me your adress :)
4 anos atrás
bleh104 anos atrás#5848441more interested in Gaara tbh ! but how much selling minato ? and is it still in good condition ?
Minato is 10€ + shipping. all I've done is open the box from the bottom to see which character it contained. The figure is still in the plastic bag.
4 anos atrás
bleh104 anos atrás#5310376Hello ! just wondering ... are u selling this ^^ ? ITEM #105376
Sorry for the late reply.
I wasn't planning on it, but I might be persuaded.
I definitely have Minato for sale though.
4 anos atrás
bleh104 anos atrás#3450349Hey :3 im here to tell you that everything was received and everything was perfect!! BIG THANKS :D

Sorry for the nearly 1-month late reply OTL
Thank you for informing me and I hope that you are still having fun with it :D
4 anos atrás
bleh104 anos atrás#3634254Sadly i thought that i can buy the awakened version without the head then buy the head alone but it appeared the one that has another head is made differently (the one that comes with one head isnt removable or so) so yeah i got screwed with this :/ i preordered from amiami the masked version since i cant afford getting both im just getting this one for now :3 about the artbook can u link me please ? really interested ^^

Really? I didn't know that. In order to afford it on short-term notice I had to borrow money from my brother then pay him back by the end of may.

It sold out within a month on Koto's website. i kept track.

Heres a link to a place I buy all my cd and artbooks from, it should direct you immediately to the artbook for the anime:
4 anos atrás
bleh104 anos atrás#3596512HOLY SHITTT !!! JEALOUS LEVEL OVER 9000000 !!! ur collection is soooo gooood and epic :o and yeah collecting the manga is abit pricey for me so i got the tg:zakki ! and now waiting for my baby kaneki awakened mode figure to arrive ! the chibi (swing) set 1 is nowhere to be found :/ but i pre ordered set 2 !!! and the playing cards i heard that they are really expensive :/ so i doubt that ill be getting them :p did they say when they will release the 2nd illustration book tho ? i have one set of keychains tho i think its not the original ones but its so expensive cz of shipping to get small stuff :/

The playing cards ARE expensive. Trust me, if you plan to buy them you have to gradually save for months. $120 to $260 so far. I expect the price to inflate.

Hmmm, I have yet to buy set 2. I want to get them from Yahoo Japan Auctions as a full set next month or in December. I also bought the awakened version :)
I was one of the lucky ones who got the extra head. Also, do you plan to get the Chara Kaneki's unmasked and masked versions? the anime artbook came oit this month. Its not very expensive.
4 anos atrás

This is most of my collection. I have a poster but it was too big for me to take a picture of. As you can see, I have a thing for the art. I'm more of a manga fan than an anine fan so I buy the Artbooks. I'll order the visual side anime book soon (for the illustrations), and the video game (for the cover illustration) .
4 anos atrás
bleh104 anos atrás#3450347Hey :3 im here to tell you that everything was received and everything was perfect!! BIG THANKS :D

I'm glad to hear that, thanks the feedback :)
4 anos atrás
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