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God bless Mandarake <3
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just a canadian figure collector/photographer :) a very mixed collection of anime/video game action figures to beautiful pvc statues, I mostly only buy figures of characters i really like, but sometimes a nice looking figure just catches my eye. :P always looking to add something new to the collection ^^


Same bro :*
1 ano atrás
Happy birthday ^^
3 anos atrás
haha okay then its settled ^^
yah ace is fugly af :,D

btw did u complete ffcv 100% ? I did everything including the post game content and adamantoise and I cant let go of that game. such a tragic yet beautiful story.

Haha yeah atm Im buying more clothes than figs .. I hope some new nice releases will be announced soon
3 anos atrás

oh dear god ...XD
3 anos atrás
Bro I need your opinion of somethin. Shall I replace my crappy figuarts ace with this one? (even tho it got a ridiculous back and stupid shoulder articulation?) an other downside is that he is like 16.5 cm tall which is quite a bit larger than the figuarts ace, Im not sire, but tje figuarts ace is by far my ugliest figure
3 anos atrás
Id really like to owe FF figures now, too. Unfortunately PAK is not my scale:/ gtg catch a lil sleep now,bro:p
3 anos atrás
sup bro? glad for ya.. dude im in zombie mode right now. its 7 in the morning, I cant stop playing FF XV its my first FF and Im totally addicted. I just finished every sidequest there was in Eos and now I headed to Altissia, finally the story moves on, I just had to finish all the sidequests, even the ones with fishing and searchibg the frogs haha. Unfortunately Ive sold my engine blade at the start and couldn't do cids mission with it... so no 100% for me:///
3 anos atrás
Thanks for accepting FR. You got nice collection and good taste in figs ^^
3 anos atrás
hey bro, np and thanks for informing me :P!
3 anos atrás
haha well but the sonico figma is really nice , know your struggle :,D
3 anos atrás
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