Buy from Japan. Easier than ever.
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Bought Ultimate Madoka for a really good price ^_^<3 Seller was super nice and replied fast, I definitely recommend this seller ^^ ~
3 meses atrás
Purchased Jeanne Alter for a fair price. The seller was honest and provided me the pictures to assure me of the condition of the product. Would recommend this seller! :)
3 meses atrás
Bought Alice Schuberg for a good price. Seller was honest about a little paint transfer and provided pictures. Package arrived as advertised and without a problem. Would recommend this seller!
3 meses atrás
Purchased Rem - Subaru's Jersey ver! Looks perfect and shipped quickly. Fona was very nice to work with!
4 meses atrás
Purchased Saber 1/4 Freeing!! came in perfectly, even wrapped in bubble plastic :)
Statue looked really nice and clean!

would definitely buy from Fona again, thanks <3
4 meses atrás
Happy birthday!! Enjoy your day.
4 meses atrás
Purchased Sento Isuzu ! Shipped quickly. She's in perfect condition, no issues, no flaws, and very clean! Would definitely buy from Fona again, thank you!
6 meses atrás
Purchased one Nendoroid ! Shipped quickly and was perfect upon reception. Would definitely buy from Fona again :D !
9 meses atrás
Thanks! ><
10 meses atrás
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Buy from Japan. Easier than ever.


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