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When it comes to figure collecting I am very new to it I picked up my first figure in January from Rightstuf. The extra fees they added on sucked but the figure was amazing. ITEM #371722 After that I took a break due to finishing off my AA and other life. Now I am back in the game and picking up more figures. I am very new to it but enjoy it a lot. I have been collecting anime for years now and own 100's of releases I have even imported my fair share of them. Figure collecting sure is pricey in comparison but there is something about when you get a figure and it looks so amazing that it makes you want to collect more. Heck I have owned several figures from limited edition video games and they don't even stand in comparison to the few Japanese figures I have picked up its almost as if no effort went into the ones that came with my games.

Anyways I look forward to collecting more figures and am open to sharing the experience with others always opened to meeting new people who share similar hobbies as me.
and now figure collecting
Id call my self a weeb if I really didn't hate the word so much.
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geicorules (5 meses atrás) #24547117Stumbled across your page. Awesome collection keep it up.

Thank you very much! ^v^ I see you are rather new to collecting, its a slippery slope! I am looking forward to see your collection expand.
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Hey thanks for that FR!~
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123585 items, Rare/Limited/Exclusive, Since 2007



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