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Fight me!

Hello and welcome to my page!

I'm into a lot of different manga/anime, although Kuroshitsuji would have to be my favorite. I also really enjoy horror-themed manga (think Higurashi-style) as well.

I have a serious weakness to anything including demons or samurai. I know they're common tropes, but I can't help it! I'm also drawn to characters that are incredibly snarky.

I'm a fan of comics as well, my favorite being Saga (Lying Cat is the best)!

My collection mainly consists of Kuroshitsuji and various character figures.
Kuroshitsuji, Noragami, One Punch Man, NO.6, Gantz, Inu x Boku SS, Monster, Uzumaki, Tokyo Ghoul, Dengeki Daisy, Shingeki no Kyojin, Higurashi no Naku Koro ni, Kuroko no Basuke, etc.
Metal Gear Solid, Hakuouki Shinsengumi Katan, Fallout, Tales Of Series, Borderlands, Skyrim, etc.
Blackmill, TV on the Radio, The Glitch Mob, Kalafina, Autolux, Massive Attack, Beck, Hatsune Miku, various anime soundtracks




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Sekhmet Killing Stalking
I'm a little late but I hope you had a happy birthday!!
9 meses atrás
Sekhmet Killing Stalking
Happy birthday!!!!
1 ano atrás
greenbean (2 anos atrás) #4628192Sorry for the late reply >.< I would have to say Mitsutada or Akashi!

That's fine! Don't worry about it! ^_^
2 anos atrás
greenbean (2 anos atrás) #4485347Yep, I would say that Saito and Souji are my favorites! I just love Souji's snarkiness (it kinda reminds me of my boyfriend) :)
Oh, I can relate to trying to guess the Pokemon! I did pretty well for myself when it came to that, haha.
Also, I checked out your photography; your pictures are really nice!
I see that you have some Touken Ranbu figures as well; who's your favorite character?

Hahaha! That's nice! ^_^
Aww! Thank you! (◠‿◠✿)
My fave is Souji's sword, Kashuu and Yasusada! Oh I also like Kogitsunemaru! How about you?
2 anos atrás
greenbean (2 anos atrás) #4413283No problem; It's nice talking to others in the hobby! The snow bunny part was adorable, wasn't it? Saito is such a little cutie, although I might love Okita a smidge more!
I like your collection as well; I was really big into Pokemon when I was growing up and you could bribe me into doing chores for anything Pokemon related!

Yes! I like how Saito blushes and felt really shy around Chizuru. Hahaha! My fave is actually Souji and then Heisuke. How about you? Saito and Souji?

Haha! I know the feeling! I remember when I was kid I was really determined to guess who's the Pokemon in silhouette whenever the show takes a break. lol!
2 anos atrás
Hallo! Thanks for accepting my FR! (✿◠‿◠)
Your profile photo is really cute! Saito and Chizuru ❤ I remember that episode! When Chizuru gave Saito that snow bunny! Haha!
2 anos atrás
DeadlyAnime Web Designer
View spoilerHide spoilerYou are the birthday star today... Happy birthday! ...xD ...xD
2 anos atrás
happy birthday !!!
2 anos atrás
greenbean (2 anos atrás) #2932023That is such a gigantic bummer! I bought the set for Koujaku, and fortunately I got him along with everyone else except for Ren :/
When I get your PM, I'll send you my paypal address.

Ahh lucky!! I honestly thought i'd end up with at least one of him, but the odds were against me OTL
2 anos atrás
greenbean (2 anos atrás) #2932017Bringing the discussion over here :)
I'm completely willing to sell you Noiz! I'll sell him for $3 and just mail him to you!

Really?! Thank you so much, I originally bought the set only for him and he ended up being the only one I didn't get *_* I'll PM you my address and such right now~
2 anos atrás
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