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Warning: Nin-Nin Game is a SCAM. They charge you PayPal fees, they tell you an item is out of stock, and they refuse to refund your money, they give you a "credit".

I won't be using the blog diary option much since we are apparently no longer allowed to post on OUR OWN PERSONAL BLOGS about bad shops. That is beyond shady. What is also beyond shady is that people can delete our posts, and we can't even block them. Why can't we block people to keep them off our personal page? This site has gone downhill. :(
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chapters0 (1 ano atrás) #30897235hey! i noticed that one compared zenmarket vs from japan. In the end which ended up being cheaper? Zenmarket has stopped orders from otamart. I was thinking about using from japan but I don't know how expensive they can be.

Zenmarket isn’t a bad service, but there are 2 big reasons I won’t use them again.
300 yen commission per item
2.9% + 40 deposit fee ----> $1.85 of $50
Hidden tracking fee: 410
#1 The problem with Zenmarket is they charge you a mandatory 410 yen tracking fee. And they lie about it. When I told them that the Japan Post site gave me a different estimate based on weight, they tried to tell me it was wrong. Refused to admit to that 410 fee. #2 Recently they also canceled my order after they quoted me and I paid. They sent me a message saying my total "changed" and they cancelled my order. They then changed the price to add almost 600 yen.
Summary:They charge a money transfer fee plus 300 yen commission plus that hidden 410 yen per package.
$7.44 in fees for a $20 item

Pros- besides shipping, you know what the fees will be ahead of time once you're aware of the 410 fee.
Easy to use
Cons -no otamart or mercari
hidden 410 fee
zenmarket isn’t very honest if they can cancel an order you paid for already, and change a quoted price. If you ask why the ship fee doesn't match Japan Post and they insist you're wrong.

From Japan also charges 300 yen
My main problem with FJ, and it looks like they changed it, is that it says you only get a bank transfer fee if the seller requires bank transfer. However, when asked why i was charged a bank transfer fee when none was done on an auction, i was informed that they always charge an extra 200 yen on auctions as a bank transfer fee. REGARDLESS if it really was used or not. I replied saying, so that means you don’t actually charge 300 yen commission on auctions, you charge 500 yen. Yes, they admitted.
So, they charged me 500 yen commission, and then 116 yen in tax,
You get 2 charges. the item total , and then, charge 2, which they give you 3 days to pay.

Pros- You get points
No hidden tracking fee

cons- commission is 500 not the 300 advertised
1 ano atrás
hey! i noticed that one compared zenmarket vs from japan. In the end which ended up being cheaper? Zenmarket has stopped orders from otamart. I was thinking about using from japan but I don't know how expensive they can be.
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Hi, I'm interested in buying from you, but your inbox is full. ^^;
3 anos atrás
Lexiy The WCF Aficionado
heyyyy :P)
3 anos atrás
Cute Avatar ...

= )

5 anos atrás
Hi your inbox is full.
View spoilerHide spoilerAlice is opened and displayed.
I hope to sell her for 25USD+shipping~
6 anos atrás
Mikaino Going to Gencon!
I absolutely love your collection, I find it to be amazing! ^^ Jealous of your magical girl stuff xDD
6 anos atrás
iceminx (6 anos atrás) #1423456looking for this- if anyone is selling for under $30 let me know...
Hi do you still interested in getting Alice figure item/5421#ref-c... ?
If yes,please pm me. ^^
6 anos atrás
Hello, can you please answer my PM about your pictures with a DeviantArt tag ?
6 anos atrás
kilani Sayaka Rank
Hi there,

About your blog post, if anyone ever goes to extreme lengths to harass you please notify me via PM. I'm sorry you are having problems with that. I suggest making a note about it on your profile (such as "I am not selling my TMM plushes" or something like that to prevent others from bothering you.
6 anos atrás
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