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Gut zu wissen. Danke. :D
8 meses atrás
Hey, you're welcome! I will never agree the Alter strategy. Their so-called reputation do not deserve the right to put that huge prices. My BF have an old Alter figure with a really good quality, and it only cost 9000 JPY!

Of course, the times changes, the prices too, but their price evolution is insane.
I'm a huge fan of the Love Live licence and Alter figures too, but that Yohane's price killed me ._.
1 ano atrás
Petitssk Eastern Library
Hallo! Variiert je nach Seltenheit bzw. gängigen Preisen, aber in den allermeisten Fällen etwa 6,00 €. Falls du Interesse an etwas hast, sag einfach Bescheid, dann schick ich dir gern die Preise für die jeweiligen Bücher.
1 ano atrás
Happy birthday!
3 anos atrás
Hi, thank you for approving FR! :D
4 anos atrás
Your inbox is full~ xD
4 anos atrás
Hey :) ehm hätte vtl interesse an der yato figur kann dir aber keine pn schreiben da deine In-Box voll zu sein scheint ^^" kannst du mir eine pn schicken ? :) LG
4 anos atrás
indian_summer224 anos atrás#6044354Saw your comment on the Dakimakura blog.
Where the heck are you getting a Cole Dakimakura?
Please tell me, pleeeease!!!
Cole is one of my faves in the entire franchise

Here when the shop re-opens. I'm going to ask for a custom version of him in normal pyjamas because I dislike nugs, but the fact that the artist drew him in pyjamas rather than naked is what convinced me to get one. Damn I want to hug him ;_;
4 anos atrás
I would like to know how to use a proxy to buy figurines, could you please teach me?
I'll be appreciate if you could help me.
Thank you in advance.
4 anos atrás
indian_summer225 anos atrás#3910663I really, really like your style of writing. Sorry if this sounds creepy, but your way of handling words is really elaborate. In a non-complicated, modern way.
I think you may have a talent there. There, I said it xD
Sorry for being weird....but if it is something you happen to enjoy, by all means, keep doing it^^

Thanks! Nothing weird at all.

But to be honest, I can't take all the credit. I borrow from Yahtzee's style of writing. Heh.
5 anos atrás
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