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Purchased ITEM #98667 from Jaeson. I paid first and the item was shipped within the next business day. Jaeson provided photos upon request as well as a photo of the receipt along with the tracking number. The figure was well taken care of and the packaging was well padded. Very trustworthy and quick to respond seller!

Thanks again.
9 meses atrás
jaesen (1 ano atrás) #18604937Haha, that's a strange way to reason but it sounds like a fun way to live :) I'll consider going to Sydney for BTS if it's during a good time. What are your favourite songs?
I just found out about Ailee coming here! Too bad for me I haven't heard of her so there isn't much appeal for me.
I've been out of the figure collecting game for a while now. I haven't been watching much anime and I haven't purchased anything in a long time either. However, I pre-ordered Myethos' Holo recently on a whim. I like the character and the figure looks great :) Are you looking forward to anything from wonfes?

My favourite BTS songs are I Need U, Autumn Leaves, Save Me and Run (Ballad Mix). I also like Jungkook's rendition of Charlie Puth's We Don't Talk Anymore, his voice is so smooth and hits the high notes very well. What are your favourite BTS or K-pop songs in general?

Yeah I haven't watched much anime either and at the moment I'm happy with how my shelf is, I can fit more but I don't like the cluttered look. I'm aiming to have a small collection so I'll be doing a bit of a purge later on in the next month or two.
The Myethos Holo is really nice, I like the flow of her dress and hair!
I've been ordering nendos more often because scales are getting more and more expensive and I find that the scales that I do pre-order end up tanking after release.
Yeah I was pretty happy this wonfes, there were a lot of Touken Ranbu announcements and updates, its one of the main series I enjoy collecting but I'll have to be a bit more picky since they just keep them coming!

Hope you have a great weekend! ^_^
1 ano atrás
jaesen (1 ano atrás) #18555414I've been alright - been studying and working for the most part. I celebrated my with my girlfriend - going to many places around Melbourne. Was great fun :)
As for concerts, it depends on who is coming. I actually haven't been to any yet! I only started listening about a year ago and realised how many concerts I would have went to if I was into the genre earlier. There are very few bands or kpop groups I would want to see live like BTS, AOA or the GazettE. Have you been to any? If so, how was your experience? Favourite groups?

That's great! Sounds fun and relaxing! :)

Hmmm I don't follow a lot but I do like GOT7 and BTS, their choreography is so good. I recommend going to one if you get the chance, its a lot of fun even though I don't understand the lyrics haha
I went to Big Bang, it was amazing! Especially because the audience brought glow sticks, it was like a sea of yellow flowers.
I missed BTS when they came few years ago, they're coming back this year but only to Sydney :( But I'm thinking of going depending ticket prices...
I'm going to GOT7 but it's a fan-meet instead of a concert so I'm not sure what it will be like
Ailee is coming too next month
Too be honest I find K-pop concerts pricey, my friend always tries to reason by saying if you divide the total price with the number of members in the group it turns out cheaper per performer haha

Did you have a good wonderfes?
1 ano atrás
jaesen (1 ano atrás) #18527514Hey Nat! Haven't heard from you in a long time. I hope you're doing well!
Thank you for the birthday wishes! I didn't get to do much on my birthday because I had work. The fun starts tomorrow though, hehe.

Hey Jason! Its been so long!

How have you been?

That's alright, you work hard and play hard! How did you celebrate your birthday?

We're both february babies! *high five*

Are you going to k-pop concerts this year?
1 ano atrás
Happy Birthday!

Hope you had a fun day! :D
1 ano atrás
Chloe-tsundere The louise otaku
jaesen (3 anos atrás) #2907540I ended up buying the gothic and punk Louise :D I went to buy Chua Churam off somebody locally and he had an unopened Louise that he let go for a reasonable price :) A very spontaneous buy but I have no regrets!

Hmm i prefer her strawberry punk ver by far. The black x white combination is so standard and it doesnt match with the ribbons compared to the strawberry punk ver :3 but well thats my opinion. Shes still a grewt figure x3

Chua churam is expensive nowadays X_X i dunno her so cant love her cause of that but her design is veeery pretty
3 anos atrás
Chloe-tsundere The louise otaku
jaesen (3 anos atrás) #2897909Thank you for your input :) I haven't decided on a figure yet as I don't even have Chua Churam :P If I do get one, I'll start thinking more about the 3rd figure to go into that spot.
& your cosplay looks great :) It stays very true to the character!

Thanks! Yeah i think so too.

Ahh nice choice, that one by alter is my first louise.. I got her from my ex :) and shes lovely!
Alter has the best quality for sure so you get the best louise there that blends in well :)

XD LOL i thought you already had them haha.

You could also make a small tsundere shelf perhaps?
So 1 nagi,1 shana,1 louise and 1 taiga? Just an idea tho.

I will soon receive my nagi after i paid for shipping lol :) and take some pics if you want to see if you like her. Shes veeery cheap :3 or you could do it with nendos if you prefer that. I got all 4 wonders in nendo form
3 anos atrás
Chloe-tsundere The louise otaku
Oh yeah my cosplay pic is on deviantart:


Sadly without crown and it bothers me a LOT and i still dunno what happened but i couldnt find the press-stud anymore :( so couldnt attach it.. But the rest was superb :D
3 anos atrás
Chloe-tsundere The louise otaku
jaesen (3 anos atrás) #2896733Hey Chloe :)
Just out of curiousity, which Louise figure is your favourite? I am in search for a pink-haired figure that'll go well with ITEM #98665 and ITEM #100. Try to picture this...
A detolf level/stage/layer/whatever you wanna call it :P with Ultimate Madoka at the back-middle, Chua Churam at the front-right and <unknown pink-haired character> on the front-left! I'm thinking of either Louise or Sakura Miku 1/10 but Sakura Miku's a bit small. The pose for Louise is literally perfect next to Chua Churam as well!
If you have any suggestions, please let me know :)
Gonna head off to bed, I look forward to hearing your opinion(s). Goodnight! <3

Hmm not my favorite but i think that one blends in the best with your figures, kotos louise:

ITEM #31

As her hair is more darkish pink... Like madoka has. And her color scheme looks good too cause of the cape ;)

My favorites are her bustier ver by alter and strawberry punk and 3rd would be her school uniform gy alter.. But i dont think they blend in well..
ITEM #109630
ITEM #686 (Tho iyour case go for black, as the white one is expensive)
ITEM #4426

Hmm my 2nd choise for your shelf if louise would be..

ITEM #128644
Cause of the white and her pose.. You need it to be a lil dynamic yet not OTT and no whip..plus shes looking in the right direction if posed at the left! And wears white.. But her quality isnt superb for what you pay...

Damn its pretty hard xD
Or if you manage to find one (unlikely) the louise on the bed in white and use her wand instead of the whip: ITEM #72838
But the pink ver might be ok too! ITEM #6782
But they might not fit well with your ladies cause theyre in a sitting pose so that makes them appear more timy.

Hope that helps :) but yeah i think the koto one would look great, tho it isnt the best louise imho but it is the best louise considering your 2 other girls or the miko louise.
That would probably be the best. Or if you go for miko louise, shes nice on the side too since shes looking at her left.. And turns that way :)

The school uniform louise is also quite dynamic and would be great if you plan to display madoka in the middle then i think louise would be nice at either sides =P so shes my 3rd choice i give. And that one has superb quality, the reason i like her a lot.

So there are many possibilities.. But i must say the color schemes of the 2 ladies are quite different which is why i gave so many options.. Cause one matches more with chua and the other matches with madoka :)
3 anos atrás
Chloe-tsundere The louise otaku
jaesen (3 anos atrás) #2859468if you upload your cosplay pictures, I'd be happy to see them! I only want the nendoroid versions of her because they'd go well with the nendoroids I already have :D I display all of mine on my desk with them interacting with each other :)

Sure I will :) !

Ahh.. Well i got the 4 tsundere wonders :3 so yeah they can interact x3 and taiga with a tiger body looks funny. From the pet of nagi. And louise in nagis dress :D

But overall im not a nendo fan. They keep falling and not standing straight ^^"
3 anos atrás
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