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I've started playing video games pretty much late in the 90s, so unfortunately a lot i missed on, but mostly an rpg fan.
In the end all my hobbies linked together: I like drawing therefore i started to like animes and got hooked on jrpgs, especially everything "Tales of" related.
Gimme a shout if you want to make small talk, i speak english and french ♥



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karaya4 meses atrás#77890534Darn it has been a long time ! Hope you and your friends & family have been doing ok in these difficult times.
Also you had to make me backtrack quite a hell lot to find how much i had paid for that book!
I just loged on FromJapan to check and it was somewhere back in January 2017. I had paid 4000yen back then. Not sure how common it is nowadays, but i'd say go for it if its in good condition, it's a well worthy book for any collector imo !

I hope you guys are all doing well too! We've been under restrictions for about two months now, but I'm managing to (mostly) stave off the boredom and insanity by playing my backlog, starting with Berseria! Can you believe it's taken me all this time to play it? I'm still not done, but I absolutely love it so far. I REALLY regret ever wishing for a dark Tales though. This is...this is too much (T_T).
Anyway, thanks for the info! Now I'm just waiting for BiJ to get back to me about whether or not their proxy services are still open. Thanks!
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WindsorSeven SHSL Vegone
Hey! Long time to talk. How much did you pay for ITEM #533228? I saw it on Suru and just wanted to make sure it was a good price.
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I'm glad to hear that you and your cat gang is doing largely fine ^-^

The restrictions here in Germany haven't been too strict to begin with: We were asked to rather stay at home but we didn't have an official all-around lockdown order. Non-essential shops as well as restaurants and the like were closed too but as of the beginning of this week, all of those were allowed to re-open.

The hotel I work at still operated but since we had so few guests, we only had minimum staff over there and I had to stay at home all of April. Our social security system still allowed me to earn almost as much as usual though, which is obviously a true blessing and none of us had to worry about not making ends meet. I'm back to working my regular shifts as of this week too since reservations are slowly picking up again, which really is the most important thing to keep the hotel in business (it's a small privately owned hotel).

So all in all, I can't really complain all too much tbh. I'm super sad that my Japan trip in mid-May that I had been waiting for almost 2 years had to be cancelled but I hope to be back there as soon as it's possible :)

Yes, Velvet! I'm excited to see her! Tbh, I still haven't ordered her because of the aforementioned planned Japan trip and me not wanting to have too many funds tied up in something else, but a local shop still has her available so I might just jump on that last-minute ^^; I hope that there will be news on the Water Armatus Sorey from Kotobukiya soon and that he won't get lost in announcement hell due to Corona delays or something >~<
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Karaya, thank you so much for your friendly words ♡♡♡ I've been MIA from MFC for quite a while, so I only just saw your birthday wishes >.< Another new design - when did that happen!? XD It was your birthday too meanwhile, right? Best of wishes ♡ I hope you had a good time and that everything is alright! Please stay healthy v(^_^)
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happy birthday lovely~
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Hey there ^_^ How are you doing? Long time, no talk! I just realized I never messaged you back after our latest conversation :O I'm terribly sorry! What have you been up to lately? I hope you and your cat are doing good ^-^

Personally, I was a wee bit disppointed that Yuri was pushed back another 2 months but yeah, not like we ain't used to that >.< I'm cutting back on figure purchases a lot, so he'll be one of my last incoming scales... Still super excited for him ♡

In your last message you asked me what I was doing for a living ^^ I'm a receptionist at a hotel :) The payment is nothing to write home about but it's very versatile and I get to converse with a number of interesting guests :D What about you if I may ask :)
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Oh nooo don't throw them away! XD Honestly, I still think it's a great move! I too have a number of charms, prize figs and Manga I figured would have no chance of selling, so I'm planning to just offer them in a local Facebook group and maybe someone will have a use for it :D

Maybe your cat has a metabolism issue? My grandma's little Yorkshire dog has been packing on quite a lot of weight after having undervent a surgery. And even though she's on a healthy diet now, we suspect a metabolism issue caused by hormones to be the cause of the weight gain. Luckily she's very active and playful, so it's not that bad after all :)

Shiba Inu are the best ♡ They can be super stubborn and really want to do their own thing sometimes but they're also ridiculously cute and funny ^^ You're totally right, they definitely do need their space to run around and be wild and goofy though. You don't really see any Shibas around here often since they're not particularily well known yet but when we went to Japan they were all over the place; I was in heaven xD
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That's perfectly fine for me ^_^ You're already being super generous and I really, really appreciate that ♡ I'll shoot you a PM right away with my adress :)

Ain't nothing like a nice double bed o_o I feel you on the pets taking their sweet space xD We've got a Shiba Inu dog and I have no idea how she does it but she's always taking up 3/4 of the bed... y'know, it's her world - we're just livin in it xD
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Oof I feel you on variants! The only reason I got Sorey's recolor was because I was still missing the original. Mine came with a lot of paint flaws and blotches though, so that was a bit disappointing ;_; The Alter ones are still the most beautiful to me, so glad they exist *-*

Buying furniture can be a blast too xD I moved into a new appartment at the end of last year and while I loved picking up new things, re-decorating and finally having more space to display the collection, that sh*t was expensive x'D I do know that feeling of wanting to treat oneself once in a while though, especially after you had to buy a lot of grown-up thingies ^^; Fur babies first though ♡

Yeah the pricing these days ._. That's the reason why I've skipped Alter's Velvet so far, even though she's gorgeous ×_× But damn, that much for a 1/8!? My heart's bleeding... I'll try to snatch her post-release somehow and hope for the best ^^; It is crazy though, especially considering for how much Alter's Tales figures retailed back in the day... I remember getting my Zelos from AmiAmi for 70€ shipped O_o Those were the days *____*

Oh yes the fear of losing something is real, also the fear of damaging X__X That's why I actually have doubles of my most valued plushies ^^°

As for the straps, I'd go for Sorey:
ITEM #284291
ITEM #534513
ITEM #545152
ITEM #550400
ITEM #581822
ITEM #304230
ITEM #550446
ITEM #284293
ITEM #534510
ITEM #545153
ITEM #331256
ITEM #550412
Flynn & Yuri:
ITEM #304226
ITEM #303513
ITEM #331249
ITEM #303512

I hope that's not too much to ask for >.< I don't want to rob anyone of their shot at something and don't want to take advantage of you ._. Feel free to message me and have a lovely Sunday ^-^
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Ah, great to learn you're still "on board" xD Honestly, I'm always happy to still see Tales fans roaming around here :D I'm mostly following the japanese side of the fandom on Twitter these days, so I'm not sure how the franchise has been holding up in the West. But again, glad you're still in for it! And well, we do have a lot to look forward to figure-wise: Alter's new Yuri and his upcoming Nendo which I'm super stoked for and still want to believe will be the starting point for more Tales Nendoroids in the future ♡

I can totally relate to your attitude though! I've turned 31 in April and I've undergone quite a shift in my collecting habits too lately. Funny thing tho how I'm actually buying a lot more merchandise than figs nowadays since I really enjoy integrating these little things into my daily life; carrying some charms around on my bags, taking a plushie with me or just snapping some pictures ^^; But I've gotten rid of a lot of figures that I did like but didn't feel very passionate about. I'm trying to keep the space I dedicate to figures the way it is now, so whenever something new comes in I'll see if I want to let go of something else instead :) Has been working rather well so far! Sometimes I do wonder though how I'm gonna feel about my ita-bags and acrylic standee shrines in a couple of years xD But for now I'm good >w<' They give me joy and at the end of the day that's what a hobby is about for me :D

Btw I'd gladly take the Sorey & Mikleo and Yuri & Flynn stuff off your hands if they haven't been promised to someone else yet and if you're okay with shipping overseas that is :)
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Second hand waifus deserve a second chance at laifu!