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Please let me know how you find me before adding me, or else I will splash water at you.
Also, I tend to reply back at night, even though I check during the day. Just FYI.



Hi, everyone!

I should first make it clear that I have a huge weakness against Pikachu. Pikachu is my favorite Pokemon of all time. It gets cuter every single year, and it hurts. I don't necessarily collect Pikachu, but I have a good number of Pikachu plushies because they're just so darn adorable.

Second, I love to take photos, especially food, and eat at the same time. I guess you can say I'm a typical Asian (Taiwanese, to be exact) girl that loves to take photos of food. I can talk to you about food all day, though. *inserts Kirby*

Oh, wait... Is that what kirchu means? I wonder...
So a little more about me... well, I've been watching anime since I was a kid back in the 90's where I watched Dragon Ball, Detective Conan, Cardcaptor Sakura, Digimon (to name a few). My favorites include those, and much more, but I can't think of any of right now. Just ask me!

I can't really say I collect figures too much, but this site is awesome to meet people that do and become knowledgeable of what's out there. I basically buy what I think is pretty, and something that I know about. For example, Sword Art Online. That series is making me broke, I swear. Basically, I'm still rather new, so don't hurt me. o_o

Anyway, what I can say is I collect Pocky boxes. I forgot what my count is, but it is easily 80+ different flavored ones now.

My current obsession is Sword Art Online. My favorite characters are Kirito, Asuna and Sinon.
Sword Art Online, Cardcaptor Sakura, Fullmetal Alchemist
Kirby series, Pokemon (versions mostly), The Legend of Zelda series
Nikon D3200



heeee pweee 8D~~~ I should blog here more haha
3 anos atrás
Nice collection ^^
3 anos atrás
kirchu (4 anos atrás) #2858400www.amiami.com/...
Because I saw you want it.
You just made my day. HOW DO I REPAY YOU IN KIND?!
4 anos atrás
Omg I love your collection! SAO FOREVER!!! ^u^
4 anos atrás
ComplexCRUSH ☩Knight's of the Blood☩
kirchu (4 anos atrás) #2744844Happy birthday!!! c(:aw! Thank you cutie patootie! I appreciate it!
4 anos atrás
Oh man, hope all goes well with the Koto Sinon figures!

Yeah, that's how most dogs can learn behaviors! My oldest dog is spoiled as well. She'll try her best to eat human food >_>.

My other dog (not the picture with the dog I showed way back) just came back from the vet because we recently spayed her. She hasn't eaten all day =/. She also was crying when she saw me, lol. She's not allowed to jump, walk up stairs, or play with the tennis ball or else it might ruin her stitches. She's very energetic, so I guess that's a possibility why she is sad =/

What is your moms current smart phone? If you have the money to save for an Iphone 5, then it def should be cheaper :). Oh yea, purses..totally forgot, lol.

I'll PM you my number so you can just reply from there :)
4 anos atrás
It's all good! I've been pretty lazy myself, haha

From my personal experience, Koto is usually a hit or miss. BUT, with the exception of the Cardcaptor figures, they're also being created by ARTFX J, which is totally different than your usual Koto product. There were some complaints with the NGNL Shiro figure that's why. Even my Shiro figure had some horrible details, but they weren't made with ARTFX J.

Dog butter...hm, interesting, lol. Can you get those at your local pet store? Does your boyfriend give it to your dog anytime? Or does he use it as a reward whenever the dog achieves a certain behavior? Psychology mode on, lol.

If you are planning to get your mom an iphone, consider how big she would like her phone. Iphone 6's are huge, lol. Plus, considering how much things I've seen about Iphone bending...I'd actually be scared to put my iphone 6 inside my pocket all the time.

I seriously can't wait to get a new phone >_>. Technically I can, but I'm helping my mom with the bills :)

Again don't worry! As long as you're doing well (which I usually see on Instagram), then it's all good!
4 anos atrás
HMMM, at first I was in awe when you posted the link to that Sakura figure. It does look really nice, and I do like how she has a different costume....but I just don't see the extra details that you would see from an $100 priced figure =/. If they added more details to the clouds, as well as the dress, then it would of been an instant buy for me. None the less, it does still look pretty nice :). Just the cost isn't worth it in my opinion.

I'll give you a sample of one of my blog entries from xanga:

"OkOK 2day i woke up like @ 7:59 because i had 2 visit mai great relative all the way in San Diego. Also, mai parents are going there 2 help mai aunt sell her house. So i dressed up...didnt taked a bath though because we were in a hurry, and yea drove off. My mom wanted 2 but breakfast 4 her, mai dad, mai lil bro, and meeh"

Jesus Christ...LOL. Just reading it made me cringe a little. The fact that I used to be more emo back then makes it even more embarrassing >___>. oh well, I can always laugh at myself, lol

I would always be on AIM, lol. I liked fixing my profile and choosing the colors for my text :). Can't forget the AIM icons as well!

My dog is ok so far :). She's actually mixed! She's Shih tzu (was about to type shitzu, LOL), Pomeranian, Maltese, and 2 other ones I forget. She mainly looks Pomeranian though :). She always has to go Pee, lol. She can't go up to my family to tell us she needs to pee anymore. She just walks and...does it, lol. So whenever my fam hears dog steps, we hurry to open the door so she can go outside.

Do you have a plan for your phone? I'm under the family plan for my phone, so I can get the new Iphone 6 for a cheaper price, although I don't like how big it is. If you were to get a new phone, which one would you get?
4 anos atrás
I don't play competitively as much anymore, but I seriously do love watching the Evo finals. It's so hype !_!. I need to go to evo just to watch my favorite players go at it and meet new people :)

Aw man...so you're debating as well? LOL, I just wish I knew how big the figures are in person. I try to get every detail I can to match my detolf cases. Also, YES on that base...hmmmmmppph!

I was able to get a copy of my records before xanga updated to 2.0 or something like that. Were you able to as well? I'm embarrassed by the way I typed >_>. LiKe Dis 0r SooMthing dat l00ks $tupid, lol. Oh yea I gotta give you my 2 eprops, lol. I never had a livejournal, and I know some people used asianavenue at that time.

Props to your co-worker if his dream job is to become a chef :)

eek...my oldest dog is like a little over 30 lbs...so I know how you feel. She's older too, and she has bladder problems now so my family is taking care of her as if she's a senior citizen, lol.

I don't have enough space because I still have the Iphone 4, lol. I can't even download some of my dating apps because I have to download the latest IOS, and I can't download the latest IOS because I just don't have enough bytes, lol. OoooOooh Weelll
4 anos atrás
oops, meant to say downside* on my previous comment. Downsize...lol


OH HOW COOL! I remember just using Kirby back on Smash 64. Did you know there's a player in Super Smash Bros Melee that specializes in Pikachu? I'll show you the video :)


You don't have to watch the whole thing, but start at 6:30 :). It's only about a minute and a few seconds starting from 6:30 :)

The goblets were...LOL oh wow I didn't notice until now. 1 small goblet is worth $12.50 while 1 big goblet cost $16.00. I actually bought 2 small ones and 1 big one, but the cashier only charged me with 1 big and 1 small. SWEEEEET. I saved an extra $12.50, lol (I still have the receipt)

I already have an idea of what I want to put on the Spring case :). Unfortunately, I am stuck in a dilemma because I am now debating to buy the Cardcaptor figures from ARTFX J. They honestly would match the theme I have in mind, but I'm scared that another Cardcaptors figure will be announced later >_>. Not that I know they will, but it might happen. Also, I'm pretty much in love with this figure ITEM #78812, but I'm curious as to how I am going to hang it, haha. What are your thoughts about the Cardcaptor figures created by ARTFX J?

I have somewhat of an idea of what I want to do with the Winter theme...but I'm not really focused on it. I'm mostly focusing on the Spring and Summer sets :).

LOL oh man the HTML/CSS days aka Myspace, Xanga, Livejournal, or whatever blogs that existed during the time. I wasn't too hardcore with learning those, but I remember wanting to decorate my pages like maaad, lol. Good times good times...

Oh, were you able to find out why your co-worker quit? Oh and thanks :). I think I'll need it, lol.

My dog has grown quite a bit. She's fatter now, lol. She's hyper like my other dog, but she also eats a lot like my other other dog. I swear her current behavior was observed from my two other dogs >.>

Oh and no I don't have skype =/. Even if I did, my computer would become laggy as hell AND I don't have enough bytes to download the latest ios. Trust me, I've deleted some stuff, but it still wasn't enough >_>
4 anos atrás
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