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Happy Birthday!
1 ano atrás
Happy Birthday Maru!
Hope you have a wonderful day with loved ones! <3 :D
3 anos atrás
any chance you collect sailor moon Dōjinshi?
3 anos atrás
HB :-)
4 anos atrás
marukawa4 anos atrás#12112934oh.
ehh. like i said, i don't watch anime anymore, so i guess i don't like any anime right now. the figures are pretty, though.

sry for that bad english...xD i mean your blackrockshooter not you...xD my mistake. ehm oh why you dont look anime series anymore ? O_O
4 anos atrás
marukawa4 anos atrás#12098081i don't know what you mean by the first part. ^^;
i don't watch anime anymore, though... >w<;

i have see you have black rock shooter ,vocaloid figures.. :-) love that and i have ask.....do you like love live school idol project ?
4 anos atrás
brs,vocaloid xD
you like love live too ?
4 anos atrás
From BLOG #20889:
marukawa5 anos atrás#2858498[...]and went gaga over ITEM #228577(because bunny).
Thank you for pointing out that figure! I missed it for the Bunny Farm club's list (lacks bunny tags). Added now! :p
5 anos atrás
marukawa5 anos atrás#2611301hehehe yeah~ it was really different back then. i don't remember much of it, but the site was really basic and not as organized as it is now. :3

Well, you have been a long and loyal user. I believe that MFC has evolved over time and improved substantially :)
5 anos atrás
GollyGeeItsBoo SHSL Saniwa
marukawa5 anos atrás#2606270I did a very bad thing. I've been trying to cut down on what I preorder, and so far I've been successful, but I just preordered two things this month(ITEM #257209 & ITEM #278347), then I'm going to preorder ITEM #211405, ITEM #216857, ITEM #272968, and ITEM #272970. The only reason I haven't preordered ITEM #271131 yet is because I'm already kinda booked for April.. Probably going to do it anyway. I am a bad girl. D:
EDIT: i preordered her. :x

Ahhaha most of them are in different months so you should be okay as long as you save! I really want to preorder the 2015 Racing Miku too but I'm waiting to see a prototype first. I have a feeling she's going to look so good @.@ Aw colds are lame, I hope you feel better! I've been trying so hard to stay away healthy this season, I don't have time to be sick.
5 anos atrás
Buy from Japan. Easier than ever.


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Very Long Hair, Twin Tails, Blue or Blonde Hair, Hair Ribbons, Short, Tsundere, Zettai Ryouiki, Striped Stockings
HP Spectre x360 15" with UHD


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