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Star Sapphire is so cute XD
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Dollfie Dream Units22

Tengen Toppa Gurren-Lagann - Nia Teppelin - Dollfie Dream - 1/3 (Volks)Fate/Hollow Ataraxia - Tohsaka Rin - Dollfie Dream - 1/3 (Volks)Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu - Asahina Mikuru - Dollfie Dream - 1/3 (Volks)Fortune Arterial - Sendou Erika - Dollfie Dream - 1/3 (Volks)The King of Fighters - Shiranui Mai - Dollfie Dream - Dollfie Dream Dynamite - 1/3 (Volks)Fate/Hollow Ataraxia - Matou Sakura - Dollfie Dream - 1/3 (Volks)Evangelion Shin Gekijouban - Makinami Mari Illustrious - Dollfie Dream - 1/3 (Volks)Touhou Project - Hakurei Reimu - Dollfie Dream - Dollfie Dream Sister - 1/3 (Volks)Touhou Project - Kirisame Marisa - Dollfie Dream - Dollfie Dream Sister - 1/3 (Volks)Fate/Unlimited Codes - Saber Lily - Dollfie Dream - 1/3 (Volks)Touhou Project - Izayoi Sakuya - Dollfie Dream - 1/3 (Volks)Fate/EXTRA - Nero Claudius - Dollfie Dream - 1/3 - Saber, Fate/Extra Ver. (Volks)Sakura Taisen - Shinguji Sakura - Dollfie Dream - 1/3 (Volks)Touhou Project - Konpaku Youmu - Dollfie Dream - Dollfie Dream Sister - 1/3 (Volks)Sakura Taisen: Ecole de Paris - Erica Fontaine - Dollfie Dream - 1/3 (Volks)God Eater - Alisa Ilinichina Amiella - Dollfie Dream - 1/3 - TV Anime Ver. (Volks)Vocaloid - Kagamine Rin - Dollfie Dream - Dollfie Dream Sister - 1/3 (Volks)NieR: Automata - Pod 042 - YoRHa No. 2 Type B - Dollfie Dream - Dollfie Dream Dynamite - 1/3 (Volks)Dollfie Dream - Dollfie Dream Dynamite - Towa - 1/3 (Volks)Vocaloid - Megurine Luka - Tako Luka - Dollfie Dream - 1/3 (Volks)Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon - Sailor Mars - Dollfie Dream Sister - 1/3 (Volks)Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon - Sailor Jupiter - Dollfie Dream - 1/3 (Volks)


Im a collector from Mexico but i live on the US.

I love Anime and enjoy reading manga, im a gamer as well, i have a PS3 , Wii U , PS Vita , PSP , 3DS XL, Nintendo Switch and PS4.
I love to collect anime figures and other stuff related to my favorite anime characters , i also enjoy collecting Dollfie Dream despite their high price .

I love Kuroneko and she's my waifu !! >_< Kuroneko Kawaii!!


I am Fortune Arterial fan and my favorite character its Erika Sendo , i like her a lot and finally reached my goal of getting her Dollfie Dream !! ^^





Blazing Transfer Student Rules ^_^

this is epic!!

Conception II awesome game ^^

Nice Touhou Video XD


Hi I was wondering if you are still selling the RAH Rin Tohsaka figure?
5 dias atrás
Hi there!

I see you have Tamamo figma and Aqua nendoroid on your wishlist. I have them for sale for 55 each. PM me if you are interested!
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Ya actualiza tu perfil mimon ta bien aguado
3 meses atrás
Hey there, just letting you know I am still interested in your Popura and would be down to discuss a shipping quote!
4 meses atrás
Hi there - I have a question about a figure I bought from a usual seller in Japan. When I got her I realized that she was different than other figures I see on line. Since you are an expert on Ruri, maybe you could shed some light? I love your collection BTW. Wonderful anime. I am a seller on Ebay BTW (AnimeBarn) with 100% feedback since I try hard NOT to sell bootlegs and so on... I am a collector as well of Nanoha and Miku figures. www.ebay.com/it...
Thank you for your time! Charles
5 meses atrás
Así es el amor verdadero oye me regalas dinero
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Loca tu que dices que no le hago caso y cuando le doy prioridad te pones muina
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Me fui de vacaciones por estar con peechi ^_^ che insensible
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Callese mariguano póngase a trabajar mejor
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Aún no eres digno de visitar un templo sagrado bendecido por SENA SAMA
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